Celtic Dragon - Wands Court Cards

Soaring Eagle


Description: A young girl is holding a wand and has a scroll tucked under one arm while patting a Guardian dragon with her other hand.

Significant Details: The wand signifies willpower. The scroll signifies ancient knowledge. The sparkles are magical energy.

My Interpretation: You may receive a message that gives you hope. You may also receive important news about your job or studies. You may come in contact with foreign countries or people during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This page is observant, curious, witty, rebellious, and non-traditional. She is eager for knowledge, and curious enough to achieve the knowledge she seeks.


Description: A young man is riding an air dragon in the night sky. He has a sword on his hip and a wand.

Significant Details: The wand signifies willpower. The sword signifies protection.

My Interpretation: This is a time of quick and sudden changes, of great movements. You may experience a change in your home or career. You may need to make sudden decisions to get things to go your way.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This knight is opinionated, blunt, direct, logical, and unfeeling. He knows what he has learned and feels that his opinion is the only one that matters. He will give you his opinion on matters, and may seem unfeeling in his responses, even though he thinks they are the logical conclusion.


Description: The queen is standing before her throne holding a wand in one hand and a bag in the other. There is a large air dragon laying at her feet. Several small dragons are on the thrown and window ledge.

Significant Details: The wand signifies willpower. The bag represents spiritual wealth. The spirals represent unlimited cosmic energy. The jewels are rewards for struggles and perseverance.

My Interpretation: A female influence, who is socially active, could aid you in some way. This is a time of achieving your goals, of accomplishing success. This is also a good time for social gatherings that will bring you joy. You will reap the rewards from your efforts during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This queen is honest, wise, sharp-tongued, and fair. She is honest and fair in her appraisals, though she may seem sharp-tongued in her responses.


Description: The king sits upon his throne holding a crystal-topped wand while a small dragon sits on his other hand. There is a large air dragon standing protectively behind the throne, and a small dragon is curled at the king’s feet.

Significant Details: The mantle signifies comfort and contentment. The crystal-topped wand represents willpower. The large dragon is guardian and advisor. The small dragon is a messenger from the spiritual realm.

My Interpretation: A masculine influence, who is powerful in the business worlds, could guide you in an important decision. This is a good time to use your ambition and leadership qualities, but be careful not to allow your ego to cause you problems. You may advance in your career during this time.

Thoughts/Points to Ponder: This king is wise, a leader, trustworthy, authoritative, and clear-headed. He will give you a wise, trusting answer, based on clear-thinking. He will also show you how to become a good leader.

[size=+2]Overview of the Court Cards of Air:[/size]
From the page to the king we have learned to use our intellect, and can now use our knowledge to help us grow.


The Page is with a beautiful dragon. The dragon's wings are shinny. She have a scroll. She doesn't seems sleepy and it's night. Maybe she doesn't need much sleep. But this extra time waked up isn't going to waste. She seems to keep busy.

The knight is up in the sky. He seems to be looking and is restless for adventure. He seems to say to the flying dragon "Look! Go there, I want to see more closely".

The Queen is not someone to be overlooked. She have the look of knowing what she want. She look to be direct and things that must be said are told. Even with that, she probably do that in honesty.

The King is sitting. He is well surrounded by dragons. His cape is very long. He seems to be ready to spring up if needed. There is one foot that lean toward the ground.