Chakra Tarot!^^:))


something I came up while making my Chakra Lenormand!^^ it's Majors only arcana Tarot deck I don't plan finding publisher so feel free to comment and criticize!^^ as I would like to know your opinion about artwork, how much on spot is this, what do you think how much good it will be in reading etc?!^^ it's based on RWS system with small changes I did in representation of some cards and meaning in few cards i.e
2 is spirituality, same goes with 5 more like faith than religion!:) more zen style,
3&4 are changed as well and magician this card take me longest time!:)) and I wish you to discover its meaning on your own!^^:))
11 rather than human justice is truth multy layer and can bring tears to your eyes?:))
others are more or less evident?:) I may complete this to full deck as I already have fantastic aces and some of two,, and some sketches for courts and non scenic pips for other projects I did, so hm,, not sure what would it be eventually?:))

Edit just to say it's poker bridge or my fav mini size!^^ so title should be mini Chakra Tarot!^^ lolz ;))