channelling, use your psychic powers to contact your guide


this book is written by Shirley Humphreys battie.
first published in 2006.
139 pages.

on the back of the book it says
contact your guide through meditation
use automatic and inspired writing to receive personal guidance
meet spirit guides and ask them questions
channel healing energy for yourself and others
receive messages from angels, master souls, and sages.

meditation for channelling
channelling for guidance and healing
trance channelling
meeting your guide
deepening your practice and solving problems
channelling for others.

in the top right hand of each page, you don't see the chapter but the little subchapters within the chapters so you can easily find topics
example what I just looked was

symbolic meanings, signs, and scenarios

as the book title does have psychic powers in the title, this part talks about how to try to understand the messages the guide will be showing you, or giving you.
so that is a different take perhaps then just merging with a guide and receiving the guide message for her the guide will be more focused on using your own senses to give message.
well in the book for in actuality the guide would be using these senses anyways here we are more open to psychic images.

the chapter on channeling healing has a little subchapter on automatic writing put in between the two chapters. but yes you get a little guide imagery to help you channel healing energy to do hands on healing.
this is different then saying using channelling to receive healing information.
which in the case of edgar crayce the famous sleeping channel he didn't do any hands on healing but used his guidance to give healing advice while here you are doing healing hands on healing with your guide. that is of course if one desires to do the chapter.

the chapter on meeting your guide talks about what types of guides they are, how to frame questions for your guide .

the chapter on deepening your practice and solving problems has some pages on this.
raising your vibration to get a better channel. channelling while playing music or painting. (one page).
and solve problems isnt' like asking about how to pay the bills but how to solve problems blocking you from channeling like receiving contact with a nasty spirit or becoming too dependant on your guide.
dealing with doubt.

after that,, and you been practicing as a channel for a bit . the books guides you to being open to the possibilities of working with animals spirits in the very brief paragaphs, that you may channel the religious figures, or historical figures even.
then there is four pages on channeling angels, four pages on channelling a master soul.
four pages on channeling a sage.
(sages are usually historical figures like Socrates or Solomon )
then four pages on channeling ets

six pages of channeling for others then 4 pages on setting the scene for channeling for others. 4 pages on preparing emotionally with two of those pages on prayer.
then position, and posture
2 pages on answering questions from others ,
then 2 pages on how to maintain the energy and recognize when it drops (when the channel energy is gone)
then two pages of channeling for others.2 pages .

and then we don't even get a goodbye it ends. eheh

but yeah for myself I read the book for the channeling sages, and I was looking for little tidbits . but for someone new to channeling. well let me think.

since I read the book opening to channel and hearing about the beings of light we got a book just written by the author which means we don't get any channelled wisdom from her guide just what she wanted to tell as conscisely as she could.

the focus here isnt' on merging with the guide but rather meeting with the guide and in the guided excerise follow the guide or sit down by the guide and so it becomes a more psychic contact with the guide which could be what some of the people who feel guided to have contact with their spirit guides but are wary of letting a spirit guide enter fully into their aura and their body needs in their development.

about Shirley
she became a channel in 1990 in her first time doing mediatation.
and from her website
"Since that time the teaching that I now pass on to others has been first taught to me by many guides. (see section on Guides) They taught me the interactive way to connect with them and not to be passive or to accept without discernment."

so you see her a channel system developed mostly by her guides and not like by studying from other channels like the other book I reviewed ,channelling what it is and how to do it.
hence there is no resources, or acknowledgement of other books to further one channelling, or psychic gifts further.

edited to add , she knows it is out of print on her website. .


The problem with books is that you just get one person - the author's - view on it. If you read ten books then you get ten different ways of doing things. So yes books are great but after a few you get completely confused :) Then you have to sit down and think hard - what makes sense to me? What sounds like nonsense? And sift through all their words and ideas, and find your own way. Been there lol. You work hard at this HOLMES and I admire you!



there are many ways of studying one books in ones library,,

pick one as a bible sort to speak.. (or make it your guru )
or not in the case of a person who is sort of funds and just trying to get a good book, kindle,pdf.

to contrast and compare which is what I prefer to do, build up my knowledge meanwhile trying to discern if this particular technique is for me.
for me I didn't get confused but then I gave it time since 2002 when I got here,, I brought books in spurts and read them over time.

I find that where it comes to books on this topic, you find lots of things in common. perhaps the author explains it in a way that wasn't explained , or a diffent author went about it in a different way that could be like a different reader experiences.


Yes - or sometimes you read a book and it doesn't fit with you, then 10 years later you read the same book and it all makes sense!