Checking my work


Hi! I have a quick question about my interpretation.

I asked the cards : will X attempt to recover their loss?

I got: scythe + ship + whip

Scythe blade is pointing towards ship. i think there are several interpretations:
1) X will cut off movement in favor of repeating again. So, essentially X will attempt to recover their loss

2)However, I also can see scythe + ship as not attempting to recover... so I'm a bit confused. Essentially, movement can be to recover or movement could be not to recover. If we stick to the question, then movement would be to recover, however, I'm not sure how to incorporate whip. Repeated efforts to not recover?

Thank you!


will X attempt to recover their loss?

scythe + ship + whip

Thank you!

The answer to a yes/no question needs to start with a yes or a no.
Ship is neutral-positive, but with Scythe and Whip - both negative - Ship is neutral here.

So, NO, X will not attempt to recover their loss.

If you want more.... I then look to the card emblems for why the answer is no.
Scythe: cutting/sudden end or danger
Ship: commerce; distant; foreign; travel (vs. movement = Stork)
Whip: discord; argument

Without knowing the querent or the context, I wonder if the question refers to a business or commercial loss (Ship).

The reason X will not try to recover could be "a sudden end (Scythe) to a discordant business relationship (Ship-Whip)."

I read a 3-card spread as a short sentence or just a phrase.