Christianity and Tarot


I have just become very intrested in tarot and would very much like to practice it, but i am also a Christian (Roman Catholic) and i was wondering if it conflicts or is against Chrisitanity in anyway, since i am a believeing and practicing Christian.


First of all let me say that I am in no way an authority on Catholocism, or any other spiritual path. I only know what is right for me.
Having said that, let me answer your question with a question. What do you feel about it? You are the only one who knows what is right for you and your belief system. No one can give you a simple yes or no answer to your question. Those who can are answering based on their own feelings.
Whatever you decide, please keep in mind that regardless of what you have been taught, people who read The Tarot and use other forms of divination are not evil Satan worshippers. Most of us are perfectly ordinary people who love and respect nature and all of her creatures, including mankind. I will now get down off of my soap box. Good luck and it is wonderful to have you here.


If you view the Tarot as a way of gaining insight into your feeling about a situation, or a way of connecting to your internal guide, it would not be in opposition to your religion.


The answer to this question is only one you can find within yourself. For there is no solid proof of god, heaven, hell, etc. All of it is faith. But I must tell you that most Christian denominations that I know of think Tarot and other forms of divination is wrong. Why? Some people believe you should have full faith in God and not rely on tools such as tarot to know your future. In other words, you should blindly follow your path and hope you are doing what's right.

One thing I should tell you is that Tarot cards are not satanic. They are paper cards made in a printing press.

But in your decision of deciding if tarot is right for you focus on this one thing: What do you believe? If you think tarot is going to send you straight to hell, don't read. I don't think it could benefit you in anyway. I personally believe in God and heaven and hell and angels and spirits, etc. I believe that there are things bigger than myself out there. I can't tell you what is right or wrong in God's eyes (neither can anyone else) because I am not God. I can only give you an opinion from what I know. This is soley a decision you will have to make for yourself. Do a little soul searching.

From my short experience with tarot I have to tell you that it is a wonderful and enriching experience. People that read these cards aren't freaky roadside gypsies...but everyday people. Everyday people, jsut like you who have problems, and oddly enough...some of them are christian...just like you and me. Yeah, it isn't common, but possible. Basically in short, people come in all shapes and sizes with their own beliefs. Our beliefs are what make Decide for yourself. Don't let other people judge you from pure ignorance. Reading tarot cards doesn't make you a Satanist. In my experience it brings you closer to God. It has made me fully realize the power within myself...and the powers out of my control. I hope this helped you in your decision. God bless.


like you, i too am a roman catholic. i've actually asked this question to a priest here. he told me that nothing is intrisically evil, especially something worldly, or an object, therefor the cards could have any sense of evil in them. it is when you let these cards control your lives that the evil comes. which in my opinion is very true.
use the cards as a guide maybe, but don't let it run your life.
in addition to that, i also asked why then do a lot of catholics think that tarot is evil. he said not to worry, it's just something that religious fanatics spread. but he assured me that nothing is evil with them alone. so have fun! peace out! ;)



If you feel bad or guilty with your cards then your Christianity is stronger and you would always feel guilty about using the cards which is certainly not the right way to begin with.

There is nothing evil about the cards, they are just a "tool" to get insight and they show the things which already lie inside you but of which you are prob. not aware.


Hi, i am catholic as well. i havent felt that my reading tarot was in conflict with these beliefs. if anything, ive found tarot to be humbling and deeply spiritual.


I would also like to suggest that if some of the more "pagan" symbolism of tarot certain tarot decks bothers you that you consider one of the decks that are more "christian" oriented such as Master Tarot, Jesus Deck, Connolly Tarot, Angel Tarot and Soul Tidings Cards. All of these are listed here by Solandia so you can check them out and see if they are for you. I rather like the angel ones. Pretty. I'd also like to re-iterate that tarot cards are not evil in and of themselves. Hope I helped.
Rhiannon :)


i am not an authority on biblical issues. but it is my understanding that the bible does mention the practise of divination as being somehow evil or wrong. i forget how it words the phrase. that said, using the tarot for divination would appear to be against biblical law.

on the other hand, the tarot has many uses, other than divination. i'm sure most religious people would agree that virtually every "thing" can be used for "evil" and used for "good". so the object itself is not evil or good, but instead, the intent in use of the object is what is good or evil. in that sense, i can't imagine how simply looking at the pictures on a tarot card is evil - it's no different than looking at any art work. and certainly, using the pictures to meditate cannot be evil, using the same logic.
luv and light,


I feel that no matter what religion you are, if you are comfortable using the Tarot, and blending it with your beliefs, then it is the right way to go. I'm pretty sure one's God/s will be pleased for knowing one is trying to gain wisdom, knowledge, and experience in such an enriching way: Not only does the Tarot offer these, but you can use it to help others and offer guidance in times of pain. And don't most religions teach that this is a virtue? Being a guide and helping hand for somebody (See the parable of the Good Samaritan) is what a religious belief system is all about, isn't it?

There are many ways in which we can enrich our lives. The way we view those methods all depends on how we have been bought up to think. Maybe by using the Tarot aswell as being Roman Catholic, you can create awareness about it. It only takes one good person to show that using the Tarot does not mean you are evil or Satanic. I know you're a good person cuz you wouldn't be askig questions like this if you weren't.

As for Christianity's views on divination, I don't know much, I'm not Christian. However, I do know that King Sol visited a diviner to eithe rprotect himself or his son I'm not sure which one. There are many references to John the Baptist being 'that way inclined' towards divination... But only in the Apocrypha. I can also speak from the side of the Tarot and it's many gifts....

Looking into the furture and counselling yourslef of your problems doesn't always have to be the work of the Gods. Maybe we need a little assistance when trying desperately to understand what They (Whichever Divine Being you believe in) want u to do in life, and what They are trying to tell us. The Tarot can do that I think.

Anyway, I have babbled on for far too long on a question I can only really answer half of. Hope my rambles helped some.