Christianity and Tarot


Kimon: There is much contoversy over whether or not the Epistles were actually St Paul's actual words. Many now say that he was originally a Gnostic, but because the Church didn't like it at the time when the Bible was put together by Bishop Eusebius in the 5th Century, his words were cut and pasted with others', and his original messages were twisted. There is evidence though within original parts of the Epistles, which reference Gnostic ritual practices.... So th eidea that St Paul was against Gnostics, Pagans, the Elusean rites, and divination, is under scrutiny at the moment from various people such as Bible scholars, philosophers, archaeologists, etc....

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Good morning:

I am a Roman Catholic (practicing) and I have been reading tarot and playing cards for clients for over a year now. I studied them for a decade before that. I never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit more strongly than I do when I am helping a client to unravel the issues in their lives. I think that reading the tarot can only enrich your spirituality ... whatever it is. If you feel conflicted over this, pray and try to tune in to the voices that guide you, whoever you believe they are: God, the angels, your higher self. You will find the answer you seek. But I think that as you work with the tarot, your fears will evaporate.

Also, you may find that as time goes by, you will see more and more Magick in the Gospels. Jesus Christ was the greatest magician of all time. :)

Good luck and God bless-


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Ditto Waterqueene!!! :D