Christine Payne-Towler


Came across this collection of colour illustrated essays by Christine Payne-Towler. Most have a historical slant e.g "The Continental Tarots". Also one useful (to me) discussion of the minor arcana. Some have a certain amount of "matter of opinion" stuff to get the juices flowing e.g. her: "Criteria for Esoteric Tarot" (Pip-deck fans should enjoy that ;)) The articles are in PDF format with links from

Enjoy! :)



Oh, excellent, Macavity! I believe these are the same essays from the "Tarot Magic" CD, and I just love them! I learned so much from them.

I'm glad to see they're on the web for easy referencing! :D

Thanks, Macavity!




Thank you for that link, Macavity - it is always useful to again see this work, even if parts are somewhat controversial.

For those interested, Ophiel had earlier also mentioned it prior to the formation of this Historical section in the Forum, in a thread titled 'esoteric meanings of the Arcana'. Also, again prior to this part of the Forum existing, another thread discussed certain pertinent points, in the thread: marseilles tarots.

If nothing else (and there is, of course, much else), she does bring numerous really worthwhile considerations for reflection.


Thanks Macavity, I am going to enjoy reading these. Maybe we will get to having a rousting group discussion thereafter!