ciro kipper, 36 distant horizons


36 distant horizons
You have a kind of Peter pan possible cyberpunk kind of energy to this card as the ship is sailing in the air with no means to hold it up. It is possible that the light on the back square behind the ship is a sort of jet pulsation to get the ship going. If that is so what is the sails for? I image it would be for stability. The ship can’t be going that fast it is still propelled by the wind as the sails fully being used here in this picture. It reminds me of the old Asgardian ship from the marvel comics that is propelled by the cosmic winds and uses magic. The ship is high up over the town down below.
As I looked up the possible meaning behind the picture I forgotten there was hot air balloons and the blimps were becoming fashionable. So, it is possible there was those who were thinking of making a flying contraption based on the idea of getting a ship in the air held up in some fashion and then is propelled by the winds.
This is end of the century of 1890 so the idea of airplanes is just years off for the possible. Like just 24 years later the aircraft was in world war 1! so most likely in 1880s to 1900 there was quick development on idea to lead to the first manned flight and trail and error.
The anchor so prominent in this card could possibly have a connection to the anchor of the lenormand who knows without more info. Perhaps it is a message to keep your dreams anchored in realty.

The guidelines point to the dream quality of the card citing the surrounding cards if it is possible or just a dream. Like if it is next to false person it could mean the dreams are not a reality but just a fantasy

Positional reading
With such a dream like quality to this card and possibility eventually becoming reality in some fashion it is key to keep positive when it comes actual situations.

Can I open my own business it is possible yet may be far off, you must really work on it do not give up?
Can I marry her? perhaps, a lot of work is needed to get the ship off the ground.
Reversed in readings
It might mean the dreams will never be a possible horizon that one is focusing on a mirage.
Or it might mean there is some inner growth that has be looked at first. For when considering the card looking at it I am thinking of the ship traveling into the inner world. Sometimes before the outer world can change we must change the inner world of our hearts and minds.

What does the distant horizons mean?

the heart of the matter card
the main card is 18 children reversed, originally it was gift but I realized I left out a card, and reshuffled, the second time it was child reversed, so I shuffled the cards and again it was child reversed.
In Victorian times, it was hard for a child to live to adult hood when you look at child mortality rate it really starts going down in the late 1800s to today so having a child in that day and age made that loving a child was to take a chance on distant horizons that she or he will grow up to have their own children.

For today I will start the spokes and look at the broad picture later

1.spiritual fire(past)
18 child reversed, 7 message 10 journey reversed

The key thing here looking it from a past point of view is suppose we got a message in the old days about the sickness of a child and we jumped on a train to try to get there, due to how much time a train takes a child maybe beyond help by the time we get there. With the idea of boarding school, I did a search on boarding school 1890 and the first page dealt with the Indian boarding school all of page one so let’s talk about it for a second, as an Ojibwa native who enjoys the computer, and the ps4, and the movies and does not know my own language I am grateful. With I have gone to sweat lodges, pow wow and feel the pain of the people still dealing with the fallout of residential schools as the mentality of the elders who have survived passed on their teachings of abuse they learned.
So, in contact of distant horizons we as a people trusted we would survive and there are many who speak the language, and carry on the traditions, old natives may of went and buried their sacred items to avoid the mass burning that went on back then by the government.
Now the old ways are returning so as my uncle said at funeral that you can learn ojibwe on the internet today.
2. emotional spirit (past to present)
18 child reversed 34 occupation 13 wealthy man reversed

In the old days, a woman would work hard to provide good care to their child, and some would fall into loveless marriages with wealthy man to provide a good home for their child.
Their distant horizons became like pathways in the endeavours they would survive but to them it was dream their children can survive their circumstances perhaps earning their stepfathers love so they can be treated like their off spring.

3. emotional water (present )
26 great fortune , 9 change 18 child reversed

Emotionally the distant horizons here was to save the children by changing one live and perhaps achieving good fortune in doing so. The child sometimes can mean fresh start but it is blocked yet the change card is at odds as it really wants change. So, you sometimes you have the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Hmm perhaps the child in some relationships was given more power to who the mother will see. (in terms of finding a good home)

4. body of emotions (present to future)
30 judication reversed 22 official person reversed 18 child reversed

The emotions being held in the body is resentment towards the law, and official people who can affect our dreams as represented in the distant horizons. How can we aim to the future with such things blocking us? What we have here is why some people give up in their dreams and just accept the status quo for they don’t see how it is possible to move forward once their reputation has been ruined.

5. physical earth( the future )
38 toils and labour reversed , 32 despair 18 child reversed

Relating it to today world, in this economy despite a person having a good job they are finding it hard to provide a good future for their child and so they are full of despair. The distant horizons are so far because whatever they earn get spent a lot.

6 mental body (future to higher aspects )
18 gift, 12 privileged lady 18 child reversed

With distant horizons, we are hoping the child who had a hard time of it will grow up to be a privileged lady and we can give her gifts. Perhaps the little gentleman will grow up to be quite the main male!
The possible dreams are endless if we can but just start fresh as a child.

7. mental air (higher aspects )
18 child reversed, 3 marriage reversed, 14 message of concern reversed

In today age, children becoming adults are not looking to get into marriages especially for the old sakes of family, rep. in the same token, they are not concerned with how society view them ideally.
Yet of course in schools there are those who are shy still, still outcasts at their school.
With the distant horizons, it is very hard to change systems ways of doing things though generations have tried.

8. spiritual mind (higher aspects to past )
18 child reversed, 19 coffin, 28 expectations reversed

In the past, the child in old days was surrounded by death, yet if you think of child as change, and it being reversed meaning no fresh start, but coffins say it is time to end the old ways. Well where do you from here. The lack of expectations block the distant horizons card so when you lose a loved one how can you think of what you will do in society in 2 to 3 years.

Now for the bigger look at the pictures
Here is where I realized the diagonals too can be read for the bigger picture

From top left to the bottom right (the future to the past )
17 gift, 12 privileged lady 18 child reversed, 34 occupation , 13 wealthy many reversed

Here the child should use distant horizons to overcome perhaps a mean father figure and maybe things not going her way as her mother used to work long hours. (or perhaps she was made to work in the household like Cinderella) now she is a privileged lady who has gifts coming to her as she makes her ways to follow her dreams.

From top right to bottom left (the past to the future )
28 expectation reversed, 7 message 18 child reversed, 22 official person reversed, 30 judication reversed

Here it shows distant horizons couldn’t’ be realized as the child never got good expectations, despite good teachings as messages and ended up in trouble with the court for they couldn’t be good official people. It points to how childhood can be a problem when moving forward but a person can strive to overcome this.

Now to look at the vertical lines ,, past to the future

Far right distant past
28 expectations reversed, 10 journey reversed, 13 wealthy man reversed

It shows distant horizons was blocked maybe it wasn’t all the wealthy man fault for weather, war, thief’s can block a good journey plan, and expectations of the child wasn’t high to begin for he didn’t have expectations put on him.
Then the idea that perhaps too much expectation can be here as child can be taught to hold to an impossible ideal more than anything else.

Close right, recent past
19 coffin, 7 message 34 occupation

With distant horizons, we are learning that we can aim for the future, we are not dying so young, we can talk to people and learn about the world via messages and with 34 we can find decent jobs so we can get by.
(though a movie where a father couldn’t find a job where he was raising his kids so he jumps on the construction site and start hustling and through force of will he got a job)

Present y axis
14 message of concern reversed, 3 marriage reversed, 18 child reversed 9 change, 26 great fortune

With distant horizons, we can see that marriages wont’ hold us back, that when we were worried about old messages do not have to as bad at that (in today world, workers form a good friendship with their bosses, and marriages are based on friendship)

Possible near future
12 privileged lady, 32 despair, 22 official person reversed

In the future (I am seeing privileged lady as men as well) will use distant horizons to overcome their personal despair and plus because they had a good upbringing they were expected to become good doctors, lawyers, a person in some official capacity but they want to live free.

Possible far future
17 gift, 38 toil and labour reversed , 30 judication reversed

With current society thinking, the possible future will change so people won’t have to work so hard, and laws will change to be more lenient (example if weed get fully legal everywhere there will be less stress on the law) and there may more tax rebates, as people try to jumpstart their economies

Now for the horizontal line

The physical
30 judication reversed, 26 great fortune and 13 wealthy man reversed

As stated before the things that hold a person from seeking their distant horizons is their priors when they were young and made a mistake, and their lack of actual wealth like was born to a poor family,
And so, they seek to acquire that great fortune to overcome their limitations

The emotional
22 official person reversed, 9 change , 34 occupation

With distant horizons people are looking to change, to find a good job that bring them emotional fulfillment. And yet to sue those official persons who are corrupted.

The x axis (central horizontal line)
38 toils and labour reversed, 32 despair, 18 child reversed 7 message, 10 journey reversed

At first glance it looks negative, yet remember reversals aren’t’ necessary bad.
With the distant horizons, we can look at how journeys sometimes aren’t necessary to achieve our goal of happiness. And we can overcome despair, and we can save our inner child. With the message, we can work to find some good work yet report when we run into unethical work.

The mental line
Privileged lady, 3 marriage reversed, coffin

The privileged people with distant horizons can choose to marry at their leisure and move on past the passing of their loved one. They can still live strong.

The spiritual line
17 gift, 14 message of concern reversed, 28 expectations reversed

Regarding distant horizons, we hope for a gift form the universe, and the universe generally tells us not to be so worried, so let go of unrealistic expectations so we can form some powerful ones that are based Like the anchor.
Putting it together, the child reversed points to how it can stop us from having good distant horizons when it comes to childhood, and to being a parent for it is tough person who sticks around and be the parent regardless of if they can or not.
The child is a way of us looking at the distant horizons and seeing yes, the off spring will grow up to be the legacy we left behind.

0. Soul message
11 sudden wealth, 36 distant horizons reversed 8 false person

The universe will do its best to help us keep our dreams and our desires, but sometimes our desires are not the best desires especially when it comes to lying to ourselves or listening to someone else desires for us. We must form our own distant horizons and find our own ship to fly. not someone else ships.