Ciro kipper titles compared to mystical kipper


I now have the mystical kipper here in Canada. the author of the little white book urban trosch says he kept the original titles as they have been like for a 100 years and out of respect for the original titles.
ciro added 3 cards to balance out of the kipper however they can not be compared.

mystical kipper ====ciro kipper
1. main person ====main male
2. main person ====main female
3. marriage card ====marriage
4. meetings ====courtship
5. good gentleman ====mature man
6. good lady ====mature lady
7. pleasant letter ====message
8.false person ====false person
9. a change ====change
10.journey ====journey
11. gaining a lot of money ====sudden wealth
12. rich girl ====privileged lady
13. rich good gentleman ====wealthy gentleman
14. sad news ====message of concern
15. success in love ====lovers
16. his thoughts ====thoughts
17. receiving a gift ====gift
18.a little a child ====child
19. bereveament ====coffin ====house
21. living room ====family room
22. military person ====official person
23. court ====court house
24 theft ====thief
25 high honors ====high honour
26. great happiness ====great fortune
27. unexpected money ====unexpected income
28. expectation ====expectation
29. prison ====imprisonment
30. court person ====judication
31.short illness ====bad health
32. grief and adversity ====despair
33. gloomy thoughts ====concern
34. work, occupation ====occupation
35. a long way ====pathway
36.hope. big water ====distant horizons.
37. na ====poverty
38 na ====toil and labour
39 na ====community​

so not to much has changed just based on the title some things stand out.

courtship and meetings in the meetings card they meet for the first time,, courtship indicates they are more serious.
sad news is more well sadder then just message of concern which could be more open ended.
success in love is more definite in ciro version because obviously if they are not courting, or married or just met but they are successful in love they must be lovers.
bereavement to coffin sounds lenormand oriented, perhaps it could of been grief
theft means that it will happen,, thief is a little varied meaning the person is attempting to steal or did.

my peeve is great happiness to me means yay.. well great fortune means it is only related to money. but then in the picture it shows money in mystical (no clue what a really old kipper image looks like ) so I think great happiness if I was a designer would somehow be more focused on the happiness aspect. It must of been paradox or perhaps in the day and age money really did buy happiness.

ciro did say in the book he found the cards to be too positive as short illness indicates quick recovery but bad health means longer term.

grief and adversity and despair is a little bit difference in shades. I like despair better.

gloomy thoughts to me makes more sense then concern,
was depression a word back in the 1800s I doubt it.

I like long way better then pathways it is more obiously what it is supposed to be as pathways could mean more choice then long.

hope, big water and distant horizons is a little different , perphaps I would of liked distant hopes , or big horizons lol.

anyhow in the end there isn't anything radically different so the original kipper titles changed between ciro and mystical kipper. perhaps due to the easy access of the ciro kipper in north America (at least in Canada here by online ordering ) the ciro kipper titles will eventually become better known except where the kipper comes from.