Clarification cards with the Gothic Tarot


I'm wondering, is anyone else finding it a bit difficult pulling clarification cards with the Gothic Tarot when they want deeper insight into certain cards in their spreads? I've already done a few readings with the Gothic Tarot and on a couple of ocasions I've tried to get more information on certain cards in a spread, only to have the clarification cards seem to go off tangient about the card in question...


Since no one has responded yet I've decided to give this a go for you.

Clarification can do that. Sometimes the cards, or a portion of it or your intuition, is 'right on' when you pull a second card to try to get more meaning. Or pin point what's going on. Etc.

However - if it does not relate in any way that you can see after figuring out angles for a few minutes --- then rethink your question. The 'cards' are never wrong - it is us who are not asking the right question, who have ambiguous parameters to our questions.

If a clarification does not work for you at any time, any deck, pull another or let it go. I usually let it go - I've been given my answer, thing to think upon, and now I have to figure my own way to put it all together; not have another card tell me more about it.

Hope that makes sense.


if the cards don't tell you the first time, why would they tell you a second time? I mean, the Gothic Tarot is, from my experience, more thoughtful than other decks I've used before. It doesn't just throw cards at the reader, no, it thinks about the question before answering you. So it's just deep and thoughtful like that.

Maybe the first reading gives you enough material to think about, and that makes a second one completely redundant? Perhaps?


I use Madame Endora's Fortune Cards for clarification with this deck and others as well...


I'm new to this deck (a couple of months but not constant use) - the Compendium arrived yesterday! - but I am already seeing that it is different from, say, Ator. Or .... MerryDay. Or ... any of them.

This deck is really neat - and it's true, what you said Kibeth, it just speaks differently to me. It's the deck itself - or it's me because I just plain resonate with the night and things that go bump therein. :)

People eventually pair up with the decks they belong to. Or vice versa.
I find that "clarification" is generally unneccessary. The cards are going to tell what you need to know the first time around if you ask the right question, narrow the parameters, and ask for a precise answer. These cards/images in particular do that quite well for me.



I am fairy new to reg. tarot decks having mainly started out
(And have the most of!) Oracle decks so am ashamed to say Im not quite positive what is exact meaning and/or use of a clarification card?

Meaning like a final overall what reading is about? Or? aagghhh.....*sighs* Im slowly learning, S L O W L Y! :) Kim

(Oh! Also reversals...shuders..I dont do that baad?)


Hi kmartin60,

You're in the Gothic Tarot Study Group forum so it may not be the best place to find answers to your questions.

A clarification card is a card which is pulled to 'clarify' or help with the meaning of a card that someone is having trouble with. I very rarely use them myself, I prefer to look closer at the card that I'm struggling with and find that clarification cards usually just confuse things more.

As for reversals, lots of people don't use them (I don't), it's down to personal taste really.

You may find it helpful to take a look at the index at the top of the Using Tarot Cards forum. There you will find many threads about reading, reversals, clarification cards etc...


oops! I thought I had mentioned that I DO have the "Gothic" deck and it is my first deck that is considered tarot other than shapeshifter? I suppose....not positive......And I adore the "Gothic" deck~am slowly gettng use to doing daily spreads with it for myself to familiarize myself.....

grns...hmmm its hard to do a daily draw form umpteen decks, but all so far are a fav in one way or another! LOL
Thanks, I will go check out that thread and study up on some things...Kim