Clearing an Oracle Deck

Glass Owl

I too feel the sticker shock when I buy from local mom and pop metaphysical shops. But it does feel good that I am supporting them and helping them stay open as they are a dying breed. That said, I only buy from them occasionally and if a deck is significantly cheaper on Amazon I do opt to buy it on Amazon instead.

For example, I went to a local shop a few days ago and treated myself to just 1 deck. It was $5 more than Amazon's price which I was comfortable paying. He also had a two other decks on my wishlist but those had a $10 markup so I didn't purchase either one of those.

At any rate, I hope that you are able to enjoy using the Whispers of the Lord Ganesha Oracle. It is one of my favorite decks and it has an incredible energy. I adore every card and I really like how the chakra cards are incorporated into it. The fact that that it is borderless is just icing on the cake.