Clow Cards: Exercise #1


My method for this exercise was just to breathe out and flip through them ~ letting my mind wander until/unless one of them grabbed my eye, and therefore my attention.

My favorite card (for this evening) is The Through
She is so elegant, but the way she stretches through reminds me of Elastigirl in the Incredibles movie! The environment above her is cool and quiet. Below the disc feels humid and thick. No words. She moves into her own world.

The card that makes me curl up the lips of my soul is The Sweet
All that dandelion fluff! Little Bo Peep disguise! I don't trust her. She reminds me of my grandmother's papered poodle who didn't have the sense to care for her own pups. And yet, the more I type this, she speaks gently, "You can't hold me at fault for being forced into something I was too young/unprepared for. There were motives determined by other people . . . not me."


cardlady22 said:
"You can't hold me at fault for being forced into something I was too young/unprepared for. There were motives determined by other people . . . not me."

I love that this came up for you...the message is very strong, very specific information, and I love that. How valuable is that, to have such a strong statement, right off the bat.

Perhaps I better dust off the Clow!


"Part 1:
How you choose to work with the Clow."

Well, my method is pretty intricate, but it's based on my magical practices and studies. I work with them as spirits of contract, meaning that they are bound to follow their promises just like I am. I have to win them first (like Sakura did), and then they're loyal to me and I to them. This happens by inviting them to test me, by evoking them. The following day is filled with trials that they have a hand in- it is up to my intuition and effort to figure out what the lesson is that they're offering. Once I think I know, I go to them, and speak about what I've learned. If I'm right, I feel them accept me. If not, then it's off to try again tomorrow.

Once I've won their trust, I just speak to them as needed, and let them whisper their messages to me. I'm not very far through the deck yet- only four cards. But I plan on doing this right.

Part 2:
The card I love the most is the Silent. I also like the Sleep. Both are, in my opinions, very versatile and helpful spells as well as interesting spirits. I can't honestly say there are any cards I don't like, although some of them are less intriguing to me, I guess.

-What calls to you about the card you chose as your favorite?

The Silent is stern and demands adherence to protocol. I can get behind that attitude- I'm very much the same.

-What do you dislike about your least favorite card?

Hmmm... I used to not like the Bubbles or the Sweet, because they weren't "powerful" cards and therefore were "useless" to me. However, I've since learned better- they are there to provide a much needed balance. Indeed, the Bubbles can be VERY handy for some things.

-How does the card make you feel? Tearful? Joyous? Angry? Upset? Relieved? Why?

All of them make me feel very at home. I like the Clow spirits- they test me, and at the same time seem fun and wild and friendly and fierce and, well, alive.

-Do you associate any other senses with the card? Smells or tastes? If the card had a flavor, what would it be? Does it smell good or bad?

The Silent has a smell like heavy dark cloth, and she rustles around in clothing like the old Victorian period. So, lace and cotton and maybe satin.

The Sleep has a feeling of heavy warm blankets and soothing winds and maybe incense, like something with opium in it. Also something slightly spicy, can't tell what.

-Did the card make you remember anything from your life, your childhood or past lives?

Well, the Sleep isn't my card- it's the card of the Guide spirit I work with, my "Kero-chan" spirit. She's very good with sleep magic.

The Silent... nah, it's just something that reminds me of me and my own magic.

Part 3:
I don't know that I'm doing this last part right or wrong, but... I will share something I learned.

Originally when I started walking through the cards and accepting their tests, I thought they'd be difficult and grueling sort of life-changing experiences. My first test was the Libra. The card I got as an assist, by the way, was of no help whatsoever. And Sakura never showed how she caught the Libra, so I literally had no clue.

Which, in a way, was the test- could I trust my intuition and the spirits to guide me without trying to 'cheat' through using the fiction to walk me through? That is actually what the Libra means- sensing balance and intention, learning to trust the feel of things. Rather humbling for someone with my ego. *winks*

So, I moved on to the next few cards, and noticed something else. They weren't 'scourging' me with tests. They were guiding me, and gently but firmly moving me into situations where I had to make a decision based on their focal mystery.

*chuckling* It's been very educational, and really fun as well. I'm enjoying my work with these beings. They're similar to the spirits I've worked with through my spiritual practices, and also different. I suppose I look forward to what's next.

Do any of you have anything similar you've been through? Maybe experiences which contrast?


I'm digging out those Clow-related threads now that I've decided to start studying and working with the deck, or rather that I've felt the time has come.

I decided to read all threads listed in the index and to do the exercises before going for the individual card studying.

Since I'm very fond of the anime and that I even rewatched it last year, I'm probably biased since I already have an opinion about the cards and their personality.

For my least favorite card, I chose The Glow. I don't really like her figure and the way the glowy feel is represented doesn't look aesthetic to me.
Also I have a soft spot for the symmetrical cards and this one is really NOT symmetrical haha!

I had a really hard time choosing a favorite card. I believe The Illusion is absolutely stunning. And then there is also The Wood, The Earth and The Flower that I really like. When putting them one next to the other I suddenly realized that they were 3 'earthy' cards and it was a good enough insight for me.

The funny thing is that before doing this exercise I've been reading a book about getting in touch with your intuition and higher self and today's exercises were related to the Earth element! :eek: