Clow Cards: The Fly


This is very similar to the Eagle card from the Medicine Card system. It is suggesting that a fresh angle needs to be used in order to see someone or a situation from a new perspective. By looking down (almost as an out-of-body type person) things will look different, and aspects not previously seen/visible will become apparent.

This may indicate a being set in ways approach, where there is no real opportunity or willingness to see something from a different angles. It is going to be quite restrictive, and in time will also prove unfulfilling or frustrating. If it means seeing something from another's point of view, you have to accept that they may be right, or at least can offer some fresh alternatives.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Fly (Six of Clubs [Wands])

Upright: Good news, victory, success after labor, helpful friends, leadership during journey. Success in business both for self and children. Taking the challenge of qualification examinations for auditions
is recommended too. Keep a carefree action in mind, brightly, without withering.

Reversed: Rewards are delayed, postponed trip, bad news, an insolent winner, pride in riches/success


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Fly is the first card to be captured in the anime.

For me, one of its symbolism would then be : a small success, the first step of a project.

It's probably the card Sakura used the most often, since it gave her the ability to fly (wings on her wand). It would symbolize easy, fluid movement and support, help.

After it transformed into a Sakura Card, it gave Sakura the ability to fly with the help of wings coming out of her back. She could then use her wand for another purpose at the same time. It helped her being more polyvalent.

The Fly is under the power of Windy, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.