Clow Cards: The Wave


This can indicate the need to just go with the flow for now, and try not to buck against anything. Either your energy or the time is not right to try and fight against a given course of events. The ride might feel a bit nauseating or bumpy at times, but the waves will smooth out eventually, or even hit shore where you can then take control of your own movement.

Find you are fighting the tide and getting nowhere? Or getting regularly dunked? This should be telling you that you are only burning your self out here; so, when the right time for action does come, you will not be in the fit state to actually do what is needed. Bite the bullet and just chill for a while.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition


The Wave (Queen of Spades [Swords])

Upright: A quick and confident decision, a widow, one who can bear their sorrow. Can be malicious and unscrupulous nature, fond of scandal and open to bribes.

Reverse: Cruelty due to keen observations, a sly and deceitful person, narrowmindedness, a gossip


Meanings inspired from the anime

The Wave is an entity who can create waves out of already existing water. It might refer to a precedently calm / stagnant situation that suddenly got 'stirred up'. In French, we also have that expression that would translate to ''making waves'', which is to talk about a person, situation or happening causing a strong reaction among a group of people.

Water are often associated to emotions, so it could symbolize some 'movement' or change in your emotional life.

The Wave is under the Watery, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.