Clow Cards With Playing Card Associations


When I made a Clow Card deck a while back (thread here), a forum member, suggested putting playing card designations on the cards. I didn't do it then, as I was just happy to have finished the first deck, and didn't want to keep going with it. I've recently decided to try and learn playing card divination, and it got me thinking about the Clow playing card associations. I decided to redesign the cards to include the symbols. This time I opted for something more minimalist. I put the deck up on in case anyone wanted to buy it, but it has to be approved before it can be purchased. I don't know how long that takes.
I like this version better than my first.
You can view the cards here.

You can get a copy here. Store Link


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OMG! this is fantastic idea!:)) I always wondered why there is no playing card insertions in clow since book give it to each card?x,x luv your redesign!^^ much better than original clow!^^ lolz btw you could experiment with colors more to make colored version more radiant/modern using gradient and different layer style?XD :)))

PS takes few days!XD it will be out soon!:)))

p.s your link is not working!x,x :))


you could experiment with colors more to make colored version more radiant/modern using gradient and different layer style?XD :)))
I was thinking about making the colors more vivid, but it didn't look quite right. I was targeting the ones that looked pretty dark. I kept the colors from the first version I did, but those colors were adjusted to be overlaid and blended into another background.

p.s your link is not working!x,x :))
Sorry about that. It was linked to a webpage on my computer, and not to one on the internet. I fixed it now.


You're fast Alta

You're fast Alta, I didn't even know it was up yet. Thanks for the link, and thanks for your support.


Lovely! I have and use your first version, this will be wonderful for a different mood.


I so wished that I could buy this deck... It would be easier for me to do the weekly readings as you can pick-out so and so cards without referring to the fortune book for the poker card associations.


Thanks for your nice words.

Today I received my cards, and I love them. I spent the morning reading with them, and really felt connected to them. I loved using them this morning, and know that I will continue to use them. To me, it was a success.



I'm so glad I stumbled on to this thread! I've always wanted the Clow Cards, but didn't want bootleg versions and couldn't afford/find the real thing. I love what you've done with the cards; they are much more "mature" and look like a "real" deck rather than from an anime.

The problem I have though, is that I can't decide which version to choose! I love the clean design of this new one, but the distressed look is more reminiscent of the original. So what I'm saying is, the problem is with my bank account because now I have to have both. =p


Missing 6 of Hearts

The cards finally arrived!! I am so glad I got both decks because I love them both in different ways. In this (playing card association) deck, I discovered that there was no 6 of Hearts but instead there are two 8 of Hearts (The Through and The Return). Is this intentional or just a typo? Thanks!