Clow Reed deck & Crowley deck


I'm currently nudging myself to get the Thoth deck as my go to tarot (it's way more rich in symbolism than the RW imho, and I have a rich bibliography at my hand to get), but then I wondered what does the Clow cards think about all of this...
It does makes sense to me, cause Clamp used a phonetic similarity of Crowley to create Clow Reed's name (as an homage to this famous man).
I pulled the Clow in a past-present-future spread:

Little -- Windy -- Song

Now, Little might symbolize how "little" of I know/knew of the tarot, compared to Windy which is clearly the card of information/communication like they've said in-fandom (or "the winds of change" as one can put it). Song is the finality of all this, being a creative powerhouse and having one's muses at easy access...
So, this feels like a clear "yes" that the Clow cards want to have the Thoth tarot as their friend!

So what do you think of this reading?