Collecting Your Best, Brightest, Most Exciting Three Card Spreads!!!


There is a 10 card spread that comes with the Deviant Moon Tarot. Here is a three card version that I modified from it:

Past Influences
Spiritual Forces***********Influence of Others

I thought this spread would be useful to see what the different energies are that affect any given issue. So that if something is occurring for someone but it is a puzzle as to why things are going one way but not another more obvious way...there are things happening behind the scenes. I thought this might get to the bottom of those things. I admit it is brand new to me, haven't really tried it yet.


Another 3 card spread form the Same 10 card Deviant Moon Spread:

Spiritual Forces*****Subconscious Influences*****Events Yet To Come


I just made up this thread a couple days ago. I even posted it in my Etsy shop for someone to buy..I specifically made it so you do not have to have a question in mind..

It is called

The Couch Spread

1.Why you want to sit on the couch?
2.What will motivate you to get off the couch?
3.What getting off the couch will bring you?


The Couch Spread? Ha ha, there's days when I could make use of that.

Here's one I came up with recently. It's called the Run-In Spread. It's for when you have reason to think you might run into a certain person, somewhere sometime. Which may or may not be a good thing.


1. What he'll feel.
2. What he'll think.
3. How he'll act.

It's OK to use 2 cards for each position to get a little more detail.


Meta that could be useful I have actually never thought of a reading for that type of situation OR you could just leave the state and never have to worry about that spread lol.

Glass Owl


1. What should I be grateful for?
2. What should I be accepting of?
3. What should be embracing?


A new spread:

1) What does the Universe want for me?
3) How do I claim it?
2) What do I need to let go of?


Glass Owl

From The Trust Your Vibes Deck--

*Ask a question that you need guidance on, and draw a card for the answer.

*Do a 3 card spread. Choquette offers an interesting 3 card layout:

Card 1 Attitude or frame of mind in which to approach the situation or problem.
Card 2 The best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration
Card 3 What you're overlooking and need to become aware of.


Thanks Major Tom!