Collecting Your Best, Brightest, Most Exciting Three Card Spreads!!!


Here's a 3-card spread to analyze an option (when you're making a choice, for example).


1. What will this option give me?
2. What will this option take from me?
3. What do I need to change in myself for this option to work?


Love is a Many Splendid Thing

I've been back after being away for a while, this is amazing to see still surfacing and floating around! Wow!!!

Ok. Better leave a spread right?

So when we are looking for love sometimes it feels like we are never finding it. And when you want to be loved and appreciated, it is sort of harsh when you are alone.

THis is my 9 of Cups spread. The old gypsy readers called the 9 of cups the wish card. You hear the movie readers saying oh make a wish darling...

What they don't tell you, and what makes that old 80's movie Love Potion Number 9 so good is to remember: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

Looking For Love

Why has love forsaken me?
What Must I Improve About Myself To Attract My LOVE
If it isn't Love I need right now, what do I need right now?


November's Dawn

Recently I work with a three layered spread in three rows for each card details. Can be used for anything.


TůRo cards

3 cards = sun, moon & ascendant for astrological timings

I've done a few readings using this system, but I did them a few years ago so the full details aren't as fresh in my mind as I'd like. In a nutshell, working with Arabic lunar mansions and the corresponding Arabic alphabet letters according to Ibn Arabi, the 56 Minor Arcana cards may be assigned in pairs to each of the 28 lunar mansions. The astrological correspondences between some of the minors and the decans helps with this process. The Majors can be added into the mix by the correspondences between the Arabic and Hebrew alphabet letters. Somewhere I have a list of how I did all that if anyone is interested. Anyway, once each tarot card has an associated zodiacal range, draw 3 cards, with the first signifying the location of the sun in a horoscope, the second corresponding to the moon and the third to the Ascendant. Past or future event timings can then be found by using an ephemeris or astrology program or website to find out the last (or next) time the sun, moon and ascendant had (will have) those relationships.


Yesterday I found this cute spread in one of the oracle circles. They refer to it as the cutlery spread. I don't know if you guy have seen in this forum. I really like it, but have not tried yet.

1.Knife : What do I need to cut away in my life?

2.Fork: What opportunities do I need to spear before they get away?

3. Dessert Spoon: What do I need to savour and take my time over?


Glass Owl

Thank for this amazing list of 3 card spreads. I can't wait to try the Cutlery Spread. According to what krystalkitty posted back in the April Intuitive Oracle 2013 thread, the layout for the Cutlery Spread is:



So it looks like goodbye!
Thank you for the fun place to learn and grow!