Colors and Symbols - Princess of Pentacles

crazy raven

This is such a quiet and reflective card and yet within it there is so much incredible power. The young Princess and her down to earth nature is so grounded and focused on the pentacle, you literally see her energy flowing and merging with the Earth itself. It is a flowing energy of patterns that continually unite, exchange and drift apart.

When the Earth awakens our chakras, we have this bright life-flow move through us (red/orange cape). Our electromagnetic field glows more and more and starts to expand outward. All this movement happens because we want/desire it to. The more we let Earth’s energy flow the more everything in us brightens and expands and the more the energies start gaining in volume. As this energy gains momentum it clears the doorway(s) to your energy path. Your heart and the Earth’s heart will touch each other and your minds will merge

This place where the Princess stands, could be her Sacred Site or Place of Power?

The earth’s patterns and geometric designs are rich with stories. As we merge with Her, we are no longer limited by just the five senses, our intuition and psychic abilities awaken and we begin to ‘see’ colors and sounds of the cosmic world. The deep blue color in the sky could represent her gentleness, contentment, patience and composure. The blue could also represent her searching through the knowledge of her ancient past, trying to pick up what she left there thousands of years ago that she now wants to reclaim. When she becomes Queen, she will probably give to the world the gifts she receives here.

The birch tree is apparently the first letter of the ancient Irish tree alphabet….it has been called “Lady of the Woods” and was/is related to fertility and children…it is a tree of new beginnings. It also has been said the Birch helps a soul prepare for a new life.

I believe balance says everything must move, it must flow and this movement is a circle. A circle that returns to its beginning has moved ever so slightly and so builds a spiral. This process is endless and as it flows out it shares energies and knowledge Although these energies may have stirred up different feelings, the young Princess stands in perfect balance. This is represented by the celtic symbol behind her, the double spiral. symbols

The cave behind her could represent her skeletal structure….within its marrow is where blood is produced. Also, the ancients use to build ancient sites that were known to have a special stone. This stone had been cleansed and programmed to hold data and information that was able to be telepathically transferred from people’s minds into the stone structure. Stones are the bones of the earth. They were strategically placed to accumulate energy. The old Stone Henge and stone circles in Avebury were used as a dimensional doorway to other worlds.

Her red cape could represent her energy, her life-force and the strong feelings of what she is wanting to put into the Torah, it says “the Life Force of the flesh is in the blood” and blood is the key to the source of our power and deep inner knowledge. Red is a physical color and shows how grounded we are in life, how secure we are.

The orange trim has the celtic symbol ‘Warrior’ engraved around it. If you scroll down a bit it will describe that this symbol was personalized and adopted by different clans, something they exhibited artistically. Orange fires and inspires us. It is the color of our instinctive or unconscious center. Within it is contained powerful emotions…the challenge is to stay ‘in the moment’ and draw strength from your past experiences, dreams and visions. This young princess has a lot of magnetism.

The green squares with yellow could also represent her clan color or the tension of opposites….where a person learns to control their emotions in their heart with their intellect.

The yellow background shows the intellectual work she has been studying/learning is supporting her efforts now.

Some of the discussions and comments from the Princess of Pentacles mention this girl may have begun her cycle of menses. If we consider this idea, there are some tribes (still today) who consider this cycle a ‘rite of passage’, a transition or metamorphosis from child to woman. The death of an old form to a new one.