Colour Cards reading



I'm wanting to try out these cards with reading for others, so far I'm connecting ok with them for myself and starting to get intuitive messages with them now.

So I'm offering to do a few 3 card readings with them, the first card will be the problem/concern, second card will be advice to follow to help with the first card and third card will be the most likely outcome of the situation.

You can ask a question if you want, or just ask for the first card to pick up on what's needing looked at in your life at the moment.

This is IMPORTANT.... remember to pick a number between 1 and 13, I need this to connect your energy to the reading.

These readings will mostly likely be quite short and to the point for now as I don't have time to do really in depth readings at the moment.

I will be back on here in about an hour, and will do any readings if wanted.



Me!!! Hooray!So excited!

I don't have a question. I'd like the first card to pick up on what I need to focus on.

Thank you!



I would like to sit
I would like to know what i need to focus on


I would like to sit :)

If you can read on the situation between W (male interest) and myself please.

I pick number 6.


Hi, I would love a spot. What will happen between male interest romantic, F, and myself? Number 13. Thanks.


May I sit?

I'd also like to know how things will evolve romantically between D and I this year? My number is 7 :).


I'd love a reading if it's not too late. I don't have a question, let see what the first card is about.


Ok I'm just about to start with the first reading, not sure on how long till I post it, but I think around 20 mins first reading will be posted.
I should manage to get all readings that have be asked for done before the end of the night


If you decide to do one or two more, please could I sit too.

I'd like to know what is advised I do about the situation with K. Number 11 please. :)


Me!!! Hooray!So excited!

I don't have a question. I'd like the first card to pick up on what I need to focus on.

Thank you!


Card 1 / Green ~ Revitalize your nervous system

With this card I'm getting the impression that your guides want you to focus on your health just now they want you to rethink your approach to how you see the world aswell and try to view the world from a more calmer place, I'm getting the phrase "don't worry about things you can't control"

Card 2 /Rose ~ Attract a relationship

This is your advice card for your focus, I'm being told this isn't a romantic relationship, it's the relationship you have with yourself, your guides would like you to write out a list with a pink pen/pencil about all the qualities that you value and love about yourself and keep it either in your pocket, bag etc, they want to reread it whenever you start to doubt yourself or feel negative thoughts try slip in.

Card 3 / Plum ~ Overcome your Challenges

This is you most likely outcome if you work on the advice card given.
The message I'm getting from this card is that you have the strength, courage and faith to get through any challenges that you may face now or in the future and your guides would like you to say this affirmation anytime you feel you need an extra boost of strength and know they will be there beside you helping you through.

This is the affirmation "Divine Spirit, please use the plum ray to guide me through any challenges I may experience with ease, Grace, and softness.

You can also wear plum clothes or eat plums aswell if that's something you felt drawn to do.

You had a jumper card, it literally flew out of the deck, and I'm told this is the most important thing for you to take from this reading
The card is the Lemon card ~ Access Innovative Thinking

Ok so the message from this card is very clear and the message given to me was also very clear, your guides wish for you to think outside the box, they want you to rethink how you deal with situations just now, and want you access a new way to brainstorm so you can come up with innovative and fresh ideas that you can develop career wise and creatively, they asked for you to visualise a lemon swirl in you minds eyes and just concentrate on the colour lemon, then write down any new ideas that come to mind.

Ok that's all if got for this reading, I was intending for a short reading, but there was alot they wanted to say.

Hopefully this makes sense for you and I was picking up on the right message for you.

I have also added a pic of your cards too.


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