Combining the Witch's Rune and the Elder Futhark Rune?


I've bought a really nice Witch's Rune set (13 runes) on eBay and the book that comes with it, which I've been reading and taking notes. So I've been thinking that maybe 13 runes would not be able enough and that adding some of the Elder Futhark Runes could be a good idea. It turns out the same person whom I bought the Witch's Rune set on eBay also have similar Elder Futhark Rune set so I bought one and I'm waiting for them to arrive. Combining them sholdd not be problematic I think they should around the same size. But I wonder if anyone use the Witch's Rune and/or the Elder Futhark Rune and whether they would combine them or not.


I wouldn't suggest doing it.
The witches runes have validated every tarot spread for me.

In I Ching you only need something as simple as 3 coins?, why over complicate things. M

The way I see it is if they can't tell you you're answers with the 13 runes that are in their comparison to the 25. Then maybe it isn't right for you or you're not meant to know yet.


Maybe I should add the blank rune of the Elder Futhark Rune set to my Witch's Rune set to indicates to use the Elder Futhark Runes for a better answer to my question.


I'm not a student of Runes, but I have a huge respect. Regularly I get the readings with them. But I can say what my best friend, who is the Rune reader, would tell you - no. I understand that you want to get clearer answers but it's not the way. How you want to mix a very old tool, with newer? I must admit, it's for me a bit incomprehensible. I got always very specific answers from Elder Futhark and I can't imagine adding something else. When you study Runes, maybe better would be help with other tools, even Tarot (you have spread of Runes and use a card as a clarification) or anything what you like, but don't mix two sets of Runes into one. Especially when it's there Elder Futhark.

Mr. Woolery

What is it you hope to improve this way? Do you feel that the Witch "runes" are too limited? I would tend to clarify with a pendulum, myself. Do you just like the idea of more variety in your cast? In that case, ask what you might be adding and what you might be duplicating by doing that. Sun and Sigel are from two sets, but mean similar things, for example. I would see it as the same thing as putting a partial deck of playing cards into a deck of Tarot. I read with both, but the level of overlap means it would make the deck a mess. For me.

That said, if this is for your own readings, try it out and see how it works for you. If there were solid rules about these things, we would not need readers. We could use a computer. It is the intuitive interpretation by a person that makes the difference between a good reading and a canned set of generic meanings.

If you don't want to combine them but do want to use both, perhaps use the Witch runes to get a big picture of the situation and the Futhark to clarify or give specific answers.

Just some thoughts.