common through the majors


I was just wondering is there a common symbol or something on each card to join the journey of the Fool to each card?

I know that PSW is on each card. Just wondering if there is a sign that I'm missing. I thought a tiny star on each card would be symbolic, but there is no showing of anything that I can tell.


PSW is the artist's signature, but the only deck I know of that has a common thread through it is the Halloween Tarot with the black cat in every card, though it doesn't indicate which card comes in sequence.

Maybe someone else knows?


none that I am aware of either??


Where is the PCS on the Fool? I don't see it on that card anywhere, but it is on every other card.

(fixed PSW to PCS)


Thanks mercenary30!

This PSW not on the Fool, which I never noticed before, can drive someone like me insane!


Besides that putting me over the edge I keep putting PSW,where I got that from I don't know.
Sorry, it is PCS.


PCS on fool

Isn't it on the bottom in the rockwork, sideways, just under the dog?


a common background in the deck

buildings (perhaps masonic symbilism) are present behind many of the scenes througout the deck but not on every card. It starts with teh Chariot and appropriatly so since a mans home is his castle, and that's exactly is what behind the charioteer.


Re: PCS on fool

ScarabFlight said:
Isn't it on the bottom in the rockwork, sideways, just under the dog?

I suppose it could be, but it is not very legible.