Communicating with a departed loved one?


Any one out there have a spread regarding communicating with a departed loved one? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!!


Greetings Orion.

This article on Tarot Passages is about a man's contact with his deceased father and might be worth looking at.

I found it quite sensitive:

Sometimes I have a simply done a thre card spread and asked some loved ones what I neded to know.

The Tarot Passages article is much more extensive.

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I have a spread that might work for you

The Spirit Spread


card #1 represents the spirit, a little info about who they are
card # 2 represents why they are with you right now
card # 3 represents what they want you to know
card # 4 represents what actions you can take and/or how you can help them
card # 5 is a summary/outcome of the entire reading

I made this spread specifically for people who have a spirit hanging around them, but I think it can easily be adapted to your situation.


Yes, I would recommend Miss_Apples spread as I found it very direct and to the point

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That is a great spread, and I can see how it could be adapted to suit many kinds of situations.


Thank you everyone! Now I will have to hurry home from work today to give these spreads a try!


I rather do not try to contact departed ones. I believe it hinders their spiritual growth, as much as ours.


Hi Never Mind:
What if a departed loved one keeps trying to contact you, you should ignore it? I would have a hard time doing that... but I do understand your take on this issue.


I know this is completely out of context, but I heard the dead keep in touch with through your dreams. I believe this is true due to the fact that my deceased father has been visiting my mother in her dreams for the past ten years.


Spirits communicate with us in lots of ways. What might hinder growth on either part is to not let go fully, constantly pine for someone and wish they were back in physical form, from my experience.

However, communication with those on the other side is a beautiful thing, and they study how to do it just like we do.

I'm a medium myself, constantly learning, and communication of this sort is a beautiful thing. I believe that we are eternal...that earth isn't our first "gig." lol We communicate with people we left behind, people who's left the physical plane, guides, you name it.

I'm not gonna say much more, because this is a thread asking for a spread, after all. ;)