"Comparative Tarot Methodology"


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This post is inspired by a picture of Kiama, sitting on the floor, with the Fool cards from 44 different decks spread around her.

Pretty picture.

Anyway, I keep encountering the phrase "Comparative Tarot Methodology." Usually caps, like that, as if it is a very specific, very important thing.

Seems like once, I came across a site devoted to this. Maybe I didn't understand it, or maybe I wasn't paying attention. But, I can't recall anything about it.

Is it just as simple as looking at several versions of the same tarot card to heighten our awareness of the meaning of the card by comparing similarities and differences? Another way of looking at tarot as an entity, rather than just a specific deck?

Or, is there a methodology? Some path to follow that people like me, a tarot isolani, are ignorant about? Wouldn't surprise me.

But, if anyone cares to light a candle to shed a little light on my darkness, I'd appreciate it.

Talisman :TMAGE (Lovin' Kayne's creation)


For information on the Comparative Tarot method, check out the Comparative Tarot website, at: http://www.comparativetarot.com/

They also have a excellent discussion board on Yahoo groups, at:

I have found that discussion board to be quite friendly and informative. Of course, there is no board like our beloved Aeclectic!

Hope this helps...



That's exactly it! Now, I've got a bunch'a reading to do.

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Hi Talisman, I have not read those pages that Strange2 was kind enough to post but I will share with you what that means to me, and how I personally apply it.

It could be as you say, Kiama on the floor with 44 fools, but to me it is more specific. It is taking a deck and comparing it to either the RWS, Thoth or Marseilles. Studying the deatils of the deck based on the texts AND pictures of the "classical" or "traditional" deck. A perfect example of this is the work we are doing on 78 Degrees of Wisdom in the Study Group Forum. Hope this helps .... and since you are going to do all that reading ~giggles~ please do share the highlights.



Quote:Originally posted by Jewel

It could be as you say, Kiama on the floor with 44 fools

Hee hee... This sounds funny! ;)