Im confused here im starting to learn about tarot cards i think there really cool..
But theres one problem that i dont understand Heres for an example... You know how Miss Cleo on TV shes probably fake anyways but what my point is you know how someone asks her question and she flips over the card and tells that person like "i see u with red hair" or "I see that your in danger and that if you live with your boyfriend or whatever youll be in alot of trouble.... well im trying to a reading and i do the 10 deck display flip them over and look up the meanings in the book and it tells me the definition well i want to know the how to know what miss cleo does like if someone asks me a question i want to be able to give them a reading like that but i dont know how so what is that im missing? or i need help on and also I have th Ukiyoe tarot deck people have been telling me i shouldent use this deck i know there Japanese but there the same as any other tarot deck it has Kinight of wands and 3 of cups and the magician and so on... but whats the problem...

I hope you all can help me on this one and i hope i dident confuse you much...


if i were you i wouldn't worry too much if i couldn't read cards like miss cleo. i've been reading 26 years and i don't read like her. when i see her infomercial, i always think this has gotta be too good to be true. most of the time when it seems too good to be true then it probably is. i highly suspect that much of miss cleo's infomercial is staged or rehearsed in some way to make miss cleo seem more skilled and wonderful than she is. make no mistake, she is a very shrewd business woman and knows how to tweak ppl's curiosity. she advertizes how the first 3 minutes or so are free but the truth is those first minutes are used to gather info on the consumer. by the time the reader gets to the consumer, the free time is up. i believe there is a law suit either going on or settled by the attorney general of her state over bilking ppl out of money unscrupously. imho, if she were truly the spiritual person she claims to be then her acutal interests would not be so focused on making money. i don't have a problem w/ her wanting to make a living doing tarot. i would like to do that, too! but i consider her style unethical and unkind b/c the ppl who will prob go to her readers are the ones that can least afford to pay $3 or $4 a minute for what a free crisis hotline can give them.

as you can see, i'm not impressed w/ miss cleo at all. if she actually has such talent why isn't she using it to benefit humanity and advise world leaders how to fight this war or find osama bin laden?


I'm with you, Truthsayer. I have been reading for almost 16 yrs., and though I occasionally get a real clear impression of a person or situation, I just do not see how Miss Cleo can flip over a card and tell the kind of specific info she does. I called a psychic hotline once (not hers) just out of curiosity, and it's true; they spend a lot of time asking you questions. I'm saying: if they are so psychic, why do they need any info from you at all? I never have my querents tell me anything before I do a reading on them. I just lay it all out, then let them ask questions if they choose.
But to set your mind at ease about the Ukioye deck - it's not the easiest deck to learn as a beginner, but if it calls to you, then use it.


I have read in several places (including in these forums, I think) that Miss Cleo is simply an actress hired by the company, and that she is simply performing a script, which I can certainly believe. So I don't think you should pay any attention to Miss Cleo.

The reason I and others recommend the Rider-Waite deck, or decks which are similar to the Rider-Waite, is because you seem to be interested in learning more about Tarot. The fact of the matter is that the majority of books written about Tarot, and especially books written for the beginner, are geared towards the Rider-Waite deck. This means the imagery of that particular deck is discussed. The trend in reading Tarot cards in the past few decades has been to let your mind work creatively with the pictures on the cards in order to come up with interpretations in a reading, rather than simply memorizing the cards' meanings. Therefore, it makes a difference which deck you use, because different decks have different pictures.

The Rider-Waite has scenes of people doing things on each card, for example the 7 of Wands shows a person fending off an attack. As someone has already pointed out, the Ukiyoe deck does not have full scenes on the Minor Arcana (Ace through 10 of each suit). This would make it more difficult to apply the picture-interpretation method of reading. It also makes it more difficult to find a beginner's book, because most of them will be discussing the Rider-Waite deck, which will confuse you since you will be looking at the Ukiyoe cards, which have different pictures, some with no scenes.

However, if you really want to use the Ukiyoe, you certainly can. There's one book I can recommend for you if that's the case: "Understanding the Tarot" by Juliet Sharman-Burke. She discusses the imagery on several different decks for each card, including the Ukiyoe. You might be able to find this book at your Barnes & Noble, or you can ask them to order it for you, or you can order it on-line from

-- Lee


Ditto to what everyone else has said. I'd like to add this regarding Miss Cleo:

Let's pretend that the commercials you see are genuine and not staged (which I don't believe for a single solitary second, but let's pretend). What you're seeing are the minutes of a reading that got filmed where Miss Cleo was dead on.

But how many minutes--hours--of filmed telephone readings by Miss Cleo were cut out? Ones where she said, "I'm seeing you with black hair--" and the response is,
"um, no..."
"Blonde hair?"
"I'm seeing you with red hair!"
"Miss Cleo that's right!"

;D The truth is, NO reader I've ever talked with or read about reads like Miss Cleo. We'd all *LIKE* to read like her, every card all the time. But the truth is, we come up with such things only every so often. Most of the time we say, "There's a problem you're having with your partner," not "The man you're married to is out on parole and he's been yelling at you because you don't wash his socks often enough."

Put it another way, if you picked up the tarot in hopes that you would learn some secret which, in an hour, would teach you how to read like Miss Cleo, forget it. I mean, if that were the case, everyone and their brother would be tarot readers. Pick up a deck, and within a month you can lay out the cards and know everything about anyone! Wow. Wouldn't that change the world!

Point it, wanting to read like Miss Cleo is not a good reason to learn the tarot; it blinds you to all the wonderful, positive things you can get out of tarot cards, and it can only lead to dissappointment, as it ain't gonna ever happen. No, not ever. Not unless you become a stage magician with an assistant who finds out all this stuff ahead of time, feeds it to you, and then you say it on stage. Or in front of cameras like Miss Cleo.

But what *can* happen is that, if you learn the cards, and come to love tarot, like most of us on this forum do, you can, sometimes, turn up gems. Tarot cards are a way of opening the door between you and, well, call them psychic powers. Every once in a while you'll look at a card and something very clear will come into your head, something specific, and you'll say it. And it will be right. But for this to happen you have to want to learn to read tarot because you want to learn to read tarot. Not because you want to be Miss Cleo.

Getting down off the soapbox now ;)


Thirteen has said it absolutely perfectly! :)

-- Lee


Ditto! Bravo, Thirteen!


There really isn't a "Miss Cleo". The company is owned by a man and I believe he was recently fined for bilking the public.
However, the fine is pittance compared to the millions he had made.


I also think Miss Cleo is a fake !
Although she has her spiel down pat, there are a couple of things I've noticed about her.
1) I have never seen her in the public eye except on t.v. not even in a magazine interview that I know of. All I can see is her adverts.
2) Have you noticed that when she shuffles her cards she never reverses them, but they seem to come out that way when she flips them out.
3) some if not most call ins are pre rehearsed and I bet you my bottom dollar that the callers readings have been edited.
sure they maybe live callers on her show being taped live at an earlier time, but only after the fact do you see the show as it is after they have tampered with it a bit. You then probably get the edited version.


Never heard of Ms. Cleo and sounds like a good thing *LOL* ... whatever ... Thirteen you can hop on your soap box anytime, that was good ~chuckles~