Connolly - The Star



On this side of the wall, a man stands with a walking stick, actually a staff that seems to be budding with life like the staff of Aaron. He must be on a journey to his new home seen in the distance. The rose-pink dawn rising along the water's horizon also reflects the promise at this journey's end if he follows the hope and encouragement given him.

Lodged in the wall is the sword of old thoughts, which he has released. Around him are the gifts of his new life--flowering plants, fruitful vine, flying bird. He looks wistfully at the skies where also the eight-pointed star shines with its wonder as a guiding light.

He is wearing symbols of the star on his clothing and around his neck.

In this version of The Star, there seems to be a focus on the travel or transition with the upright and active energy of the man figure, rather than the kneeling, outpouring woman of the RWS. Of course, he is clothed rather than naked and unashamed like the Edenesque figure in RWS. The water is separated by a wall with the figure firmly on land, rather than in the more temperate position of the woman in RWS.

A home is in the distance rather than mountains, and the bird is flying rather than perched.