Continueing on... Honesty


Continueing on...

I was showing the cards off to a friend the other day, letting her work her way through the questions and began flipping through them while she worked. One card sort of jumped out at me, spoke to my heart or my eyes as it were. So, in continuation with the study group, I present here my findings.

#40 Honesty

His face/skull/head looks disfigured or changed from what was meant. His eyes are massive and virtually without detail. A stuffed animal, a mask? Jagged, pointy multi parted. Nose and mouth ar distanced from the rest of his head.

Body is Transparent, alien, but some of the major arteries are very visible. Something at his throat. No hands, hidden. No organs.

He very much seems to stand stark nekkid in all of his ‘honesty’. His eyes are wide and give the impression of expressiveness. He is not suggesting, merely displayed for observation. His body, his soul, is transparent. Though I see no heart I would venture to say I can see his essence. However, his mind is not visible through anything but his big eyes, and I would think that with all of the physical jaggedness, there would be something filling it. It bothers me, also, that I cannot see his hand and don’t know what he’s doing with them.

He appears ‘innocent’, but I would say there is more to him than what he appears.


i agree with everything you've said, looking at im wondering if it somewhat shows the flip side to honesty?

that although honesty is a great thing, it is not always the best thing? just a feeling i get...


When I very first got this deck I drew one card to show our relationship together and got Honesty!!!!
That told me right there we'd work wonderfully together. He just spoke to my heart!!!
Yes, Honesty can be brutal sometimes, but he's always got your best interests at heart. I never feel like I have to pretend with him!!!


I find the sadness in this card to be almost heartbreaking. It's really bittersweet.
To me, Honesty is opening itself completely to the world. It's shining it's "gifts" saying "Here I am. This is me". The look of sadness and vulnerability in it's eyes is immense.
But it's just so beautiful and describes being completely authentic perfectly. Very bittersweet.


I agree with what you all have already said. he looks so vunrable and troubled by his openess, as if weakend by it?

Look No Hands- he may not be as open as we thought? what is he hiding if not the truth??

I dan't see him as jagged, more ragged and tired, like limp worn leaves, restless maybe??


I really like this card; however, I see the point that you are making as well, Sorceress Jade, about there being more to him than meets the eye.

I was reading a book a couple of days ago that was talking about truth and honesty and how we could misuse these wonderful traits and turn them into an attack on someone else. Being "brutally" honest, can be a brutal act if the intention is to hurt the other person.

For me, Honest was one fellow that I just fell in love with. His big, soft, gentle eyes. The hints of light around the tope of his head and his throat remind me of the goodness that embracing honesty bestows.

To be honest, I hadn't given any thought as to why he has the jagged extentions coming from his head, and I didn't particularly notice that his hands were out of view. I was just so drawn to his eyes and throat, I guess.



I find everyone's individual reactions to this card really interesting, maybe it's the psych training in me, but it seems to say so much.
I must agree that I have never seen Honesty as ragged or tired. I find his features really organic, like a frail leaf. It just speaks more to me of his frailty/vulnerability. I also didnt see that he might be talking about the negative side of honesty. And the no hands thing- interesting!
Everyone's take is so different, and probably says alot about their relationship to honesty in their life.
For me, I am aiming to be completely authentic in my life, particulalry with myself. It is painful, but so wonderful at the same time. It's probably no coincidence that this is what I see in the card.
Is it the same for everyone else? That is, does how you described the card also relate to your view of honesty- or did it surprise you?



I hadn't really thought about Honesty referring to how we can use honesty to hurt others until I was reading that other book. However, I thought that maybe if this card were reversed, that could be a possible meaning.

I actually see this card as an encouragement or a reminder to me to keep my words and deeds honest...with tact, love, and compassion. It could be that seeing this card means that Honesty may be needed in an upcoming or current event in my (or in the querent's) life or perhaps an issue that one needs to look at and own as opposed to supressing or ignoring. It could mean a lot of things...because life isn't simple and is full of plot twists and turns of events.




I find it a bit eary that this card was the one I felt compelled to study at that time.

I'm a brutally honest person. And I do mean brutally. I have tact, I swear. But I don't have the sort of tact to lie when it's approriate. I used to be able to lie, and prided myself on it, when i was younger. But in the last couple of years I seriously can't lie. It's very odd, and it makes things very messy sometimes.

I understand what your saying about ur book, cause I live some aspects of it. With all of the honesty that I naturally live, it's strange that I saw such deceptiveness in the honesty card. I realize i need to look into myself for the answeres to that but.... weird no?


I've had Honesty sitting here with me for several days as I've tried to find the time to write. At first he appeared fragile and vulnerable making me feel very protective. Now I see his translucence more as openness - that lovely healing green is beautiful.

I know I'm honest in my dealings with other people so I think he will come to me when I'm not being honest with myself. When my emotions are not clear and open and are clouding my thinking.

His eyes are full of understanding, he knows how difficult this can be but there's also quite a firm look to his mouth that will take no nonsense.

I don't get any negative feelings at all. I really like him. He's full of light - he shines. I'm rather sad to put him back with his friends.