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Over the last two weeks, for reasons unknown, I've suddenly become deeply interested in the historical Tarot, not as a divinatory device, but as an artifact of late medieval and early modern popular culture, richly clothed in allegorical meanings from the moment of their invention - and beautifully open to modern-day poetics that can populate this world that has been vacated by symbols and angels. By profession I am a historian of the pre-modern period, so meditating on the images of the cards helps me approach their object in both an inner and outer sense.

I have the Flornoy Dodal on the way and also a Soprafino, because I find both of them beautiful. However, I really want a Conver as well, and unfortunately with the passing of Y. Ben-Dov I cannot order his deck. I have been warned away from the Camoin-Jodorowsky deck (though I like Jodorowsky's book), and can't find an affordable Grimaud or Hadar, so I don't know what other historically-minded Conver reconstructions are available.

For someone like me who wants a faithful Conver reconstruction (not a facsimile) for study, meditation, "open reading", and possibly a little game-playing, what is left?


Hi xaphoo, welcome to Aeclectic! :)

The Conver TdM is categorized as a TdM 2, and the earliest TdM 2 deck I believe is the Madenie. Yves, an AT member, sells a very highly-regarded Madenie reproduction, here is a recent thread about his latest edition, including a link to the store on his site. Edited to add: Here is a link to Yves' store where you can purchase. Here is the Aeclectic entry for Yves' first edition.

Another Madenie reproduction, this one newly-drawn, is the Mary Packard one available on Amazon.

The Fournier Marseille has colored backgrounds and is newly-painted, but it's based on the Conver/Grimaud. That link is to third-party sellers on Amazon but I'm sure it's available from European online sources as well. Here is the Aeclectic page for the deck.

Yves sells a 22-card Conver reproduction that looks very nice, discussed in this thread.

The Grimaud is still in print, now published by Frances Cartes. It's not on Amazon but here is a link to Amazon France's page for it.

You may also be able to get used Grimauds on eBay. I bought a Grimaud from the 1970s on eBay that has wonderful thick cardstock.

Good luck and let us know what you end up with!


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Thank you all for your help! This is a great community.

All of these decks seem absolutely beautiful, and I will no doubt get one of them in the near future. For now the one that's appealing to me most is the Robledo, because I like its redrawn clean style (this is why I had really wanted the Yoav Ben-Dov's CBD), but the more I stare at Yves' Madenie the more lovely it becomes.

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I bought my present Marseille decks with an eye toward reading with them, so I got the recolored Fournier and Hadar, but if I were going after an historical TdM with no intent to use it for divination (those historically-accurate square corners put me off), I would go for Yves'.


I was just at the CBD tarot website. Looks like it's available to order. I don't think his passing affected the ability to buy the deck.


I was just at the CBD tarot website. Looks like it's available to order. I don't think his passing affected the ability to buy the deck.

I did the same thing right after he passed, and I believe this is true. I think I saw here that someone had bought a deck since then.