Cosmic Tarot 10 of Swords


I noticed that there is still a few cards missing from this discussion thread for the Cosmic Tarot so I thought I would add in that card that no one wants yes our friend the disasterly 10 of swords in the Cosmic Tarot this card is very visually scary if you're not used to it and I can just see the look of fear and shock on a querents face if this popped up in a spread! and I have pulled it for myself a fair few times when things have been hard in my life.

Ten swords flying in all directions at a man shrieking in terror with scared eyes he looks like he is restrained in a straight jacket the main colours in this card are yellow and pink but if you look really close you can see his left arm is free and his what looks like a harlequin design on his arm which makes me think of the Fool in the major arcana how did our carefree journeyer get to this point in his life? he's terrified!, his right hand is almost see through but it's not restrained is his fear all an illusion is it not as bad as it seems? he can free his arms to defend himself if he chooses too, the overall look to the card is of shattered glass, things have finally came to a crashing end what else can go wrong when you get this card not much!

Now it's time to look up to the sun thats on the right hand side of the card sending a beam of energising light through the back of the mans head and out through his mouth he's had his darkest hour now he needs to acknowlegde the light that is within him, there's a small cross on the swords hilt below the beam of light is this saying to us that looking to a more religious or spirtual path could help him find peace reinforced by the hilt on the sword to the bottom left hand side of the card that resembles the crown of the Hierophant and it may pass your notice if you don't look deep there is also the sign on Gemini on the top of the sword to the right of the card and Gemini can be prone to depression this card may look more fearsome than the 10 of Swords in other tarot decks but there is hope in this card aswell.

Pam O

Here we have a person who has allowed himself to become fragmented and splintered by the mental anguish. He has become ensnared my his own chaotic, self-defeating thoughts. His situation has reached the breaking point.

There is a gold beam of light emanating from the figure's open mouth, but no words seem to come out. Directly behind this gold beam of light, and behind the person's head, is a radiant sun.

It feels like the person is ready to purge the old thought patterns that have overwhelmed, and splintered him. It is now time to let go of the trappings of his mind that have him worked into a frenzy. His right hand almost looks like it is becoming transparent, or is it the sword pictured over the hand that is becoming transparent? This could be one of his steps to let go of the grip that his thoughts have had on him.

It is time to release himself from the anguish and insanity that he has created. Pieces of the horizon behind his right shoulder seem to be fragmenting off. It seems like he is finally on the brink the turning point to change his mind, and to change his world.

When he lets go of the maddening thoughts, he will be able to settle down and find oneness with his mind, instead of being manipulated by it and being trapped by all the insanity.

In the sky behind him, there are no clouds, just a bright yellow glow of the radiant sun. He has the option to himself around, and allow his spiritual self to release the cycle of mental chaos and insanity. It is up to him to change his focus, and to see that he has a choice to tap into the brilliant sun for illumination.


Traditionally Nine of swords is the card that symbolizes nightmares and angst; a mental state of mind that not nescessary represents the actual situation, but more the querents worries about it. While ten of swords traditionally is the rock bottom card. The "yes, your worst nightmare from nine of swords became true" card.

However, in Cosmic tarot, I tend to read the cards the other way around. It is in nine of swords the man actually is attacked and stabbed with swords. In ten of swords, the man on the picture is in a terrible state of mind. But not stabbed. And as someone here pointed out, the sun is still shining outside his sphere. To me this is the card that better represent a nightmare or panic anxiety attack.

Also, when I do readings with Cosmic I have noticed that nine of swords often comes up in situations where there are bullying or cruelty. Ten of swords tend to not come up in these readings.

Does that make any sense to anyone?