Cosmic Tarot, 3 pentacles


Three brick masons are building what appears to be a temple. The three pentacles of the card are the three very large stainded glass windows. The mason the ground is lifting a brick to the mason on the highest platform, but the mason on the platform between the two other men seems to be attempting to direct the work being done. It may not be the correct way to get he job done, each man should hold the brick for the next to recieve it for maximum safety, and that safety is being bypassed haphazzardly. A few mason tools grace the stones in the front of the picture, the compass and something else.

This 3 card (like other cards of this deck) seem to change the structured meaning while keeping some of the basic and universal meanings intact all the time adding a touch of 20th century understanding and environment. No longer is one mason working in front of churchmen, but three masons are working on the construction of an entire temple. Still three people with three things to do. They are following the blueprints laid before them and nothing can be asked more or less thereof.

While its hard to decipher the exact nature of this card is, bright yellows and greens with stone grey and beige. The card represents a moment of action in the building process, but what else can be identified.


Cooperation, skill and professional competency.


teamwork. the ability to create something big and impressive - brick by brick, steadily. as the 3's are linked to the empress - about nurturing - stick with it - it is manifesting.

i do not see the third guy as avoiding work - i think he is doing something else.

they have built solid foundations, and now can work on the ornate.

creation, health, hard work and worthwhile effort.


Nice description of this card paradoxx. After commenting on the 3 of pentacles in the tarot card thread, I thought I’d take a deeper look at this interesting card.

paradoxx said:
the mason on the platform between the two other men seems to be attempting to direct the work being done.

Yes, I agree, it does seem he’s bossing the others around. But all three seem to be extremely ambitious, working hard at the task at hand. Looking at their work, they seem driven to create something utterly unique, different from the social standards set by others. The stones already set, do not reflect a usual pattern, they are all shapes and sizes. The scaffold the mason is standing on, does not look too steady. If I were to tell him this, I get the feeling he’d feel I was judging them, judging their work which in turn could anger them, undermining and thwarting their efforts on this job. This response could mask a deeper emotional need. Structural analysis is where we seek answers to ‘who am I, why do I act the way I do, how did I get this way.' It’s where we analyze our personalities. The three ego states are from bottom to top, child, adult and parent. The goal or I should say the challenge is to balance all three.

So, is this card urging us to work on mending, restoring and creating balance in our life? Is this building going to be a place they can go within and heal on a cellular level? Green symbolizes all these as well as brother and sisterhood. As they take the time and effort on their inner life, their relationship with the outer world will change for the better as well.

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As in the Thoth deck this card shows three discs/pentacles in a triangle pattern with one disc on top and two below. A triangle symbolizes manifestation, bringing things into being. In the Cosmic Tarot the three pentacles are being made into the window of a cathedral or temple.

The three men doing the work all look alike and they all look like the same fellow that was on the Two of Pentacles. In the Two he was hanging out on the beach, taking his luck as it came along but here he is building something substantial.

In the forground of the card is a blueprint or plan for the building. In the two of pentacles the man was aimless but now he has a plan.

Astrologically the card represents Mars in Capricorn. Mars has the drive to get things done, it is entrepreneurial and energetic. Capricorn has the restrictive energy of Saturn to direct the force of Mars and make sure things get done according to the plan. Capricorn keeps everyone focussed so they don't wander off back to the beach.

This image is full of activity and motion. It shows that you are really working productively on something. It shows things being created and manifested. It shows things going according to plan and it shows people cooperating and working together to bring something about.