cosmic tarot-3 swords


one more thing, the patern of bricks on the ground and where the figures are standing, there is something very ritualistic about this. It does add to the ominous feelings of the card, but the card is not threatening, it is the hidden influences it represents in a reading.


"I had a hard time with this deck for a while too. Then i realized that the prince of cups and the prince of pentacles looked very much like me, that opened up some of the psychic doors. Maybe there's a card that resembles you as well."

I was drawn to this deck because I saw the pic of the 9 of Pents in a catalogue. When I saw the pic I had short, blonde hair & I was just starting out as a reader. A few years (and a different hairstyle) later a client took a fancy to the cards and was looking through the deck after her reading. She picked out the nine of Pents & said "Hey, this one reminds me of you,"


The Three of Swords. Eeep! This is one of those cards that is almost too extreme for the deck. The RWS image is a heart pierced by swords and the Thoth image is a white rose pierced and picked apart by swords. These are both more general and abstract which allows you to read them more intuitively. They can mean different things. The image in the Cosmic is more specific and sometimes it doesn't seem to fit in the context of the reading and the situation.

Like many of the cards in the Cosmic Tarot this one shows the actual symbol from the Thoth deck and puts it in the context of a human drama. The white rose is stuck with three large heavy looking swords. Bam. Right in the soul. Three people in black business suits/funeral garb (if the mafia had combat magicians they would look just like this) stand in ritualistic postures. It looks like they are using the sword-struck rose as a ritual focus. They seem to emanate waves of cold malice.

I see the rose as a symbol of the soul, the higher and inner self. Here, it is being attacked and harmed deliberately. The card just screams out malice, betrayal, and harmful magic. It also reminds me of that special kind of harm that some families and married couples can bring about. They know each other very well so they know just where to put the sword to do the most damage to the victim's inner soul.

I guess you could see the people in the card as being mourners. You could see the swords as representing intellect and say it is the soul or intuition paralyzed by the intellect. For me the visual image is so extreme that it is hard to read it in these ways.

This is Saturn in Libra (one of the people in the card has Saturn's symbol on the pocket of his suit). Saturn has to do with restriction and Libra is an air sign. This fits with the idea of the swords or thoughts having a restrictive or paralyzing influence.

(edit: I just now read the other posts here and I guess I'm not the only one who seems some evil and malice in this card!)



Horrible card,it just depicts hurt,and betrayal in the worst possible way.Whatever may have been,between any of these 3 people,is now being laid to rest in what looks like a graveyard.a relationship of some sort,is now looking irrepairable,they'll grieve,then move on.