cosmic tarot - 3 wands


well, i am posting the last of the 3's we have looked at. 3 of wands.

to me this card is CREATIVITY.

a woman does a dance under the sun (in the middle of the 3 wands) - there are 3 lotus flower in front of her.

this says to me - progress. it is a very positive card. the sun gives us our spirit. (she is using the directed energy from the 2 of wands)

to me - this is likley to mean creative projects.


She is self-absorbed. Dancing for her own enjoyment.

Revealing and concealing clothing. Bands of gold on her arms. Seductive, yet demure.

Meaning - creativity which is not inhibited by others or their customs.


The dry atmosphere indicates that she is also in a state of meditation, and is attempting to regulate herself in relation to her environment. The lotus flowers do indiacate water nearby, but the red in the card is reminicant of the waving heat of summer.

The wands may only exist on an astral level and represent a triangular perimeter that she herself has created through higher level magick practice.

Other opinons i have received when talking to people about this card is a gypsy feeling, i tend to agree. The practice of working with the healing and psychological arts are well known across ancient and modern cultures that this very deck relates to.

I also sense travel in relation to this card, as with all of the 3 cards but the wands is most dominant if not prominintly shown. She is dancing-constant and fluid, not brickbuilding-slow but steady. She is not standing still like a sword in the wind but rather she is a desert fire, flowing with the sands. She is alone in her emotions but has three supports to rely upon.

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Cosmis - 3 of Wands

A beautiful female energy at peace with her spirit. The sun to me is energy coming from the Source, creativity - her hands have a yoga style pose and it appears that she is reaching up to pull the sun (male) energy down through her.

I hope I do not offend anyone, when I say that it is interesting that she is crouched over the lotus flowers and to me this is a union of the male/female energy of creation brought about by the 2.

It is a dessert scene and yet there is lots of growth around, another sign of creation through the energy available. She is beautiful and receptive...

Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby Red Slippers

Also went back to look.....and Pollack calls this card one of the gate cards...Just a little something else to think about. :)

Ruby Red Slippers


The woman is dancing in an arid, hot-looking environment. You can feel the heat from the Sun when you look at the image. She reaches her hands up and energy from the sun seems to come down through her arms and into her body. She wears the Sun’s glyph on her headband and the design on her belt looks like the glyph of Aries. She has three wands placed in the ground around her and they mark out a space to contain the energy she is bringing down from the Sun. She has brought three lotus blossoms into being in a terrain that is not really hospitable to lotus blossoms. She has worked hard and accomplished a lot. It looks like she has done it mostly through sheer will, determination, and consciousness of her own... what would you call it? Authority? Sovereignty? The Two of Wands was "Dominion", taking authority over your domain, and here that authority is being exercised.

Sun in Aries is about leadership (if you know people with this placement they can come across as very pushy and bossy), activity, competition. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, the spring sign. There is a lot of basic raw live energy here. The Sun is the energy source. It is the planet of energy and vitality, like Aries it symbolizes authority and leadership. The placement shows the conscious self (Sun) driven to achievement through activity and competition. It is all about doing things and making things happen.

The Thoth title is Virtue. If I am remembering right Crowley points out in The Book of Thoth that the root word of virtue is the same one as for virility. He saw this as a very male card and the Sun in Aries does seem like a very masculine combination.

It is interesting that the artist chose to use a female figure dancing in a graceful way to represent this vital, active energy. According to what little I could find out about him Norbert Losche was interested in Hinduism at the time he did this deck. He would have known that in Hinduism the female force, Shakti, is the active and dynamic one.