cosmic tarot, 4 cups


As I was gazing into this card, a strange revelation came over me.

Its a combination of the traditional symbolisms for the 4th minor of the classic RW.

The Castle is from the 4 of wands
The sleepy dream like state is from teh 4 of swords
the four cups fromt eh 4 cups (of course)
The rulership feeling (the youth featured looks like royalty) may come from the 4 of pentacles.

The youth looks discontented, frustrated, trapped by luxury. The Spire of the castle looks likt he bottle of wine, both symbols of drunk intoxication. The two peaks in teh distane show his trappings, the horse presents an escape from teh luxury. The lotus flowers have not yet opened, truth is coming, but in time. The apple tree of knowlege is beckoning for the youth to discover scientific gravity so he can escape the gravity of whatever situation he is currently in.