Cosmic Tarot - 5 of Wands


On a personal level…..the 5 of Wands, the Cosmic deck reveals two men battling within a fenced area, surrounded by an inner circle of stones. Does this fenced area provide a shield for them or an inner stability or does it block any new information coming in? In this competition, each man possesses a wand in each hand, together the wands could polarize to represent the four elements, (compassion, truth, strength and wisdom?) but for now they’re two and two….the fifth wand lays dormant on the ground. Once we have won the battle between our inner feelings and our outer reflections, we will have found balance and our 5 pointed star.

The color scheme is predominately pink with a touch of blue…no heavy dark layers here. Pink is usually a gentle, warm color….but in this card the pink jeans and shirt seem to contradict and yet complement each another. Very few men wear pink…it is said that the one’s that do have worked hard to dig deep within themselves to find their own essence. There’s lot of adrenaline running here and adrenalin comes from the adrenal glands. Metaphysically these glands are the storehouse of our emotional karma.

This could be a time when perseverance in the face of our own resistance pays off! Deep inside our body and mind, our emotions are seeking to express themselves through us in all their glory! The heart is fully engaged and emotionally charged with self-motivation and desire, but our insecurity or fear is preventing it from soaring. Are we refusing to let go of what is safe and familiar? Even admitting our mistakes to ourselves can be a battle in itself!

What happens when something or someone tests or challenges our self assuredness and our self expression. Will we be able to maintain our power in the face of the opposition….will we be able to move and feel in a way that is right for us?

What if the stress and demands of our routine world is tempting us to slide back into old patterns, where we come out of our center of calm and back into a competitive struggle. Has someone questioned our beliefs, which in turn is now challenging our own self confidence? Can we speak our truth in situations that threaten to intimidate or disempower us? Can we look our demons in the face without running?

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The title of the card is strife. The astrological attribution is Saturn in Leo. I like the grace and sense of movement in this card. Two men are fighting with staves, one is lunging and the other is in back stance, twisting away. They are almost in each other's space, with their front feet about parallel.

The fight looks personal, they are very intent on each other, but it doesn't look deadly serious. The formality of the one man's martial arts stance and the ring of stones they are fighting in makes it seem a bit ritualized. The circle implies that there are limits and rules. Still, those are big heavy sticks! Ouch if you get hit.

Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions, it is a slow and deliberate influence. In this card it is placed in Leo, a fiery sign and as the card is a Five it is in the Kabbalistic sphere of Geburah. Geburah is ruled by Mars, the red planet, god of war. So this is active, hot fire trying to move and rise up and overboil in a warlike frenzy but Saturn is a restrictive influence and puts the damper on it.

So arguments and fights, maybe even viscious ones, but they are not likely to be the most serious and all-out kind.