cosmic tarot, 6 swords


an intersting card

A man stands on one foot before six swords laying on the ground, a cathedicus and pyramid are visable int eh background, the sky looks as if it is night time. The other card with a pyramid and the aura light is the 4 of wands. This is a card of balance and the restoration of energy, moving onward from the past and into the future, and yet honoring the past so it works with teh present to create a workable future.


Balance and harmony, yes. And also mastery - it takes a while to achieve a balance to be able to stand like that for longer than a moment. He's also not threatened by the swords in any way, the world is open around him.


Inside a golden circle on the ground card a man balances in a dance pose with one leg and arm pointing to a large cadeuces set atop a pole. There is also the side of a pyramid in the background. An oval of golden light surrounds the mans face and upper body.

The card's title is Science and its astrological attribution is Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury is represented by the cadeuces and is the planet that has to do with thinking, analyzing, mentally exploring things. Aquarius is the fixed air sign and Mercury is at home there, it is a favorable enviornment. Fixed means it doesn't move around or change much. So it is indicating focused mental activity (the golden light is on the man's head).

The circle and the six inward pointing swords are also found in the Thoth image. Here they point to the man's balancing foot. The swords all directed at that one point suggest the focus it takes to balance like that. You have to imagine your energy pushing down into the ground through your standing leg and hold that thought while your upper body does other things. It illustrates one-pointed focus, the ability to pay attention to something over a period of time.

The card suggests that now might be a good time to do research, to satisfy curiousity by looking for answers. Be objective and, even if your emotions say otherwise, try to see both sides of the question. There are two snakes on the pole and their criss-crossing interaction leads to equilibrium and truth.


I've always struggled with this card but your explanation Myrrha makes so much sense. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I can definitely see the idea of focusing your energy and attention and I can finally make sense of the image now. :)

crazy raven

Caduceus ~ pyramid ~ Divine spark buried in matter

Meditation? We must stand outside of our own perspective in order to clear our minds and see the situation we're in objectively.

This card has quite a meditative quality to takes us out of (distances ourselves) from the heated rat-race where we can take time to relax, refresh and renew our energy.

Take a break, relax..journey to a place that is unhindered by the mind ~ where you can get past the ego and allow your lower nature to be lifted by the Divine (a higher perspective)

The caduceus could represent the awakening of the kundalini....a stream of energy coiling or spiraling up from the spine?