cosmic tarot- - 7 of swords


An interesting card, a woman with a yellow cloak is walking barfoot across teh ground. Embedded into the ground is 7 swords, all fo this is done before a full moon on a windy and cloudy night. Thsi woman is literelly walking ons wrods.

While she is not bareskinned underneath her cloak, she does look like a gypsyand is openly revealing herself to the world, she has nothing left to lose. The moon lights her way, and her intutioin must be strong to walk past so many swords all at once.


This card is striking, with the bright yellow shining out from a blue-purple background. No other card in the deck has that blue-purple color. Together with the complimentary golden yellow it is a strange almost hallucinatory color, a color of illusion.

The title of the card is Futility, the astrological attribution is Moon in Aquarius. The moon is quite clearly shown on the card and the woman's arm is held in a "V" shape like one of the Vs in the glyph of Aquarius.

The Moon is about changeability, instead of sticking to a plan or staying the course. It can indicate uncertainty, mystery, things not being what they seem. Aquarius is a sign associated with a love for new innovative ideas and a need for freedom.

Because the card is a Seven, it is in the sphere of Netzach. Although Netzach means "Victory", it is not an especially positive sphere and is associated with "illusion, imbalance, weakness" according to Lon Milo DuQuette's book. So it doesn't sound like a good combination.

It seems to be a card about giving up. The woman in the image has come a certain distance in pursuit of her goals and now she is giving up and stalking off with a shrug. Her concealing cloak and watch cap suggest spying which is one of the traditional interpretations of the card. She looks untrustworthy, and between the changeable Moon and the weakness and illusion of Netzach don't expect your secrets to be kept.