Cosmic Tarot - 9 of Pents - Hubba Hubba


Okay, we have a very beautiful woman, set amidst total splendour. Riches, apparent happiness, beauty, she has it all - including a key in her right hand.

She is looking at someone else in the room, someone who is clearly NOT a threat to her.

She is emblematic of confident power, of being in control, and holds the key to her destiny.

Not a bad position to be in - and ohh baby, she's a hottie.


well when i first saw this card - it reminded me of my aunt. she is early forties, and because she has no children and has had a good career she is well off and likes to treat herself well. she looks like this card physically - and then when i looked into the card more - i saw the parrot - and my aunt has always collected things with parrots on!!

anyway - in this card - the woman holds the key - i think to her own health and happiness - the chest beside her is open. i think this is a message to people - have you heard the story??

'there was a begger sitting on an old chest at the side of the road. what is in it? someone asked. dont know - he replied. no point looking, he said, it is just an old and tatty box. when he did open it it was full of treasure.'

he was sitting on his fortune all along without realising. as the 9's correspond to the hermit - this seems apt. we all hold the key. we need to look inside (ourselves).

who is she looking at????? i do think it is proberbly a person as she is looking quite directly and meaningful. it is perhaps her special someone. and everything is complete for her. she has everything she wants and needs.


the symbols in this card a interesting:

In the background we have a car, the modern chariot and the freedom to travel. The Key she holds may have been stolen from someone, something in her facial appearence seems to indicate guilt. the bird outside teh window, and the 9 pentacles in its sweeping arc.

She also reminds me of my sister (who is very attractive) with black hair. The book that came with my deck identifies everything as being too perfect, that the moment of stationarism has ended and movement has begun.


Also, there is a wide range of color used in this picture, the woman has to deal with a lot of stimulus and that may be a factor as to what she is thinking and trying to do. She looks angry as well but also uninterested, she is trying to get out of the situation.

The way she is looking to the right can be used with a card to teh right, she is trying to avoid the energies represented by that card.


I disagree paradoxx - i think she looks content, not angry. But the contentment is inside herself, despite her material comforts. She does look a little isolated.



I've just got this deck and I'm loving reading through the comments in this study group. I wanted a deck which has more Thoth style meanings than RWS but doesn't use keywords (which I find distracting). This deck seems to fit the bill very well.

Anyway back to this particular card. I have to agree with LittleWing. I relate the 9s to The Hermit and see them representing completion which comes from within. This would explain the key. Littlewing, I love your story about the beggar.

She's happy and has all that she needs physically; the house, the car, the beautiful garden with the bird. I see this as a card of spiritual completeness too. She has looked inside herself (the chest) and is in a position where she can enjoy what she has. This is often seen as a card of personal discipline and I see this too in this version - the house, the lawn, her clothes are all immaculate - she knows how to look after what she's got.

Love and light

Sulis xx


Another one pleased with this recent deck acquisition :)

The RWS Nine of Pentacles always reminds me of the folowing lyric: but perhaps not so much the Cosmic's lady - and indeed her bird is outside and not tethered. In fact, the Huet book for the Cosmic Tarot uses the "caged" idea rather more for the young man of the Ten of pentacles who does look a more little like the RWS nine, complete with bird in hand. Perhaps indeed the Cosmic has the "right" idea, with the nine representing the peak of the suite, leaving the tens for that slightly "claustrophobic" feeling? ;)



that point of view is very accurate and does go along with the nature of the deck. Claustriphobia is a very good word, except in teh cups suit. there is more of a lonliness or discontent represnted there.


I was drawn to this deck because I saw the pic of the 9 of Pents in a catalogue. When I saw the pic I had short, blonde hair & I was just starting out as a reader. A few years (and a different hairstyle) later a client took a fancy to the cards and was looking through the deck after her reading. She picked out the nine of Pents & said "Hey, this one reminds me of you,"

For me personally this card is about getting where you wanted to be in life. I agree with Sulis, this is a card of completion and personal discipline. When this card appears in a reading I know that someone has working towards an achievement of some kind.

For me this card was an omen of what was to come if I persued my ambitions and became a full time fortune-teller. I also feel as if this deck chose me through that particular card, rather than the other way around!


psychiclayla said:
For me this card was an omen of what was to come if I persued my ambitions and became a full time fortune-teller. I also feel as if this deck chose me through that particular card, rather than the other way around!

Interesting, I have noticed "familiar" features with many of the characters on the cards. I think it's because Losche used well-known real-life inspiration and a collectivly human image comes from it. I and a two of my friends could easily assoicate with the general images in the prince of pentacles and prince of cups, with hair color and ancestrial history being the root reason.