Cosmic Tarot Action Cards


There are certain cards in this deck that seem so full of action. It's almost possible to think if you look long enough, you will see the figures next move. The three of Pentacles is one of these cards. The foreman that's shouting down at the worker, almost seems to be letting go of the railing and about to go down and really give it to the slow workman.

Also the Three of Wands has a sense of movement. It's a little slower then the Three of Pentacles. It's the graceful movements of the belly dancer. Like she's about to stand up and really give a show for us.

Does anybody else have a favorite action card?


i tried to enter the lovers card last week and i got an immediate sense of entering a sacred intimate personal place, so i left lol
thats one of my fave cards in the deck

princess of cups is quite lifelike
i agree about the 3 of coins

the emperor looks embalmed lol or like a statue outside state building
the heirophant scene is quite busy and interesting - it talks to me of the varying belief systems in the world
the majors in general have gorgeous colours normally


the chariot for obvious reasons, however you can almost hear the snap of that branch on the ground.

the universe in action with the high priestess

as the world turns for the empress

what about that dove in the hierophant?

how fast is that wheel of fortune going?

the storm clouds in the background of the 3 of swords just came to mind.


One reason why I like this deck. Cards almost always move for me lately, and they are especially good at it in this deck.


As a reader, there's lots of stuff to work with. I believe it important not to rush your readings with this deck, as it has lots of layers of meaning, and you don't want to throw yourself off track by being too hasty.

Madame Squee

Five of Wands

One of my favorite action cards from the Cosmic Tarot is the Five of Wands. This scene reminds me of The Rumble from West Side Story.