Cosmic Tarot Celebrities???


I recently purchased this deck and found out it's supposed to be based on celebrities. For example the King of Cups, I think, is supposed to be Clark Gable? Does anyone know any other celebrities in the deck? I feel like knowing who they are could help with reading this deck.


I believe that one of them is John Travolta. :) There have been other threads here on that subject.

ETA this came from a review by a Michele Jackson, pf Tarot Passages: "Some such as Clark Gable as the King of Cups, and Rita Hayworth on the Nine of Pentacles, were rather easy. Tom Cruise as the Prince of Wands never occurred to me, and still doesn't look like him in my opinion, but that is who he is supposed to be."

And A. Customer on Amazon says this: "For example, the Prince of Pentacles looks like Charles Bronson (even though he doesn't exhibit those characteristics), the 4 of Wands looks like Deanna Troi from Star Trek."

AngelPaths says "Sean Connery plays the King of Wands for instance."


I started a blog series about the stars in the Cosmic deck some time ago but simply didn't have the time to follow up.

Hope that helps. I plan to continue the series... I think I identified most of them.

As I wrote on the blog: I don't think celebrities is the right word. Lösche looked for archetypes in popular culture: ballet, paintig, classic Hollywood. Iconic images of the sensual woman, the mysterious woman, the life changing love... and found them in Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Bacall&Bogart, but also in L'apresmidi d'un faune and William Bouguereau.


And before we close down - I want to add the Photobucket gallery where I collect all pictures that help me identify the faces on the Cosmic Tarot.

I found that in the book by Jean Huets, there is an embarrassing mistake: she doesn't recognize Lauren Bacall in the 2 of Cups... but it is, obviously.

I hope people can find this information when they seek for it. I read such nonsense on the Internet about this deck - people try to associate the images with celebs who were not even born when Lösche painted this deck... or who have no archetype qualities at all. I think the many ballet and musical allusions show that this is a deck of cultural archetypes, not of celebrities.

Oh but I said that before! ;-)


fascinating... I may have read this before, the Cosmic is one of my keeper decks (own both printings)... but glad to see it got bumped before the AT closing so I could bookmark all your references.

Many thanks! :)