Cosmic Tarot: Does anyone here read Hebrew?


And the = sign like in Saturn = Bina is a bit misleading (it's a very old thread but I can't let it stand like that for later readers). Saturn does NOT equal Bina.

Bina is associated with Saturn, according to some esoteric systems of correspondence - but you can work with the Kabbalah without any astrological references. They're two different systems, and trying to sew them together doesn't work perfectly everywhere. I find the Saturn-Bina-association easier to understand when I think of Saturn's moon Rhea (his mythological wife). They create together, he destroys, she salvages... that gives me a better bridge between oceanic, dark, supernal-motherly Bina in the Kabbalah with ultra-masculine Saturn in astrology.

But yes, Norbert Lösche writes the Hebrew names of the sephirot, כתר and מלכות.