Cosmic Tarot - Four of Swords


This card definitely caught my eye the other day, and my thoughts directed to it.
The picture, found here,

shows four men here perhaps indulging on food and drink, sitting around a formation of rocks and a rug with the Jupiter sign and stars weaved into it and four swords lain upon it. Jupiter retrograde?

Priorities here, at least for the moment seem almost nonexistent. Two of the men look a bit discouraged, another very relaxed, of them seems to be doing most of the talking. One camel is seen in the distance under the shade of what looks like palm trees.

The rocks could represent a stability, groundedness which surround the mat or are they obstacles which they need to overcome. Camels represent, stamina, perservance and patience.....are these men at a stalemate at the moment, sharing their perspectives or wanting to make a decision on something? Some of them do look as if they have no tolerance for personal restrictions. A very frustrating time to say the least.

Perhaps this card is saying that there is an inner urge to expand to our horizons but for the moment they are restricted, constrained by the outer. It could also mean....thoughts and expectations are inflated and out of proportion.

This is a time to relax the body, and allow our active minds to center around opporutnities, concepts, possibilities....a waiting time that should not be squandered.....a peaceful time to share our adventures, defuse our stress and gather our reserves of energy.



This is not the typical 4 of swords, while rest and relaxation are the message at hand here, the glyph of jupiter is quite prominant. A temporary rest (as opposed to a potential eternal rest that the rw 4 swords might portray) at an oasis in the desert. laying down the swords might mean that they are in a safe haven for now (those swords look heavy). And teh placement on the jupiter glyph might be a ritual to gain finances and stability. Thee men will be back to work and activity soon, don't worry about that, new things are around the corner.


Four men are sitting down at an oasis in the desert. There is a big blanket in the center and each one has put his sword there. The swords are large and sharp and suggest that there might be conflicts of interest and enmity between them at another time. For now though they are giving it a rest and agreeing to get along. The astrological basis of the card is Jupiter in Libra. Libra is concerned with Justice and fairness, balance. Jupiter is a friendly, optimistic sign so it makes sense that the card would show people who have decided to get along. Jupiter doesn’t like things to stay the same for long though, so if the card does come up and represent some sort of truce I wouldn’t count on it lasting.

Jupiter is also a teacher/philosopher planet, about growing and changing, expanding in wisdom. The men are sitting in relaxed postures and it looks like they are having an intimate chat about subjects that really matter. The man on the far left has a very introspective posture and facial expression (I have one of those floppy bookmark magnifying glasses which helps to see their faces). The man on the middle left is really thinking about what the man on the middle right is telling him. It looks like these people, having set aside their differences and taken time to talk with each other, will learn and grow from the experience. “Peace from and after war” says Book T so the good stuff and the growth comes in part from the conflict that came before. The Crowley title is "Truce"