Cosmic Tarot - Four of Wands


A woman (individuality, receptacle) with an abundance of hair (ideas) poses on her right toes within the center of a spiral (inner guidance, spiral structure of DNA, sacred geometry). Four wands in the sand (desert), direct us into the spiral, with an impatiens flower placed after each wand (patiently waiting to hear and clarify her heart’s desire). Her extended left arm and leg face the right (future) and a bird (messenger) is flying from the right (future) towards her (magnetic fields fluctuating from left to right). Her tank top is yellow (intellect, creativity, wisdom), her pants pink (love, passion). One pyramid and a partial one is seen in the background and to the right of the card.

This is an extremely difficult pose (self-control) to remain at for sometime. This woman’s body and Will is strong, strengthened by meditation and physical exercise. I feel an immense pleasure here in exercising and pushing forward her own skill…this requires a tremendous amount of stamina and focused energy.

Each wand, each impatiens flower tells us she has persevered in her efforts every day and in doing so, her spirit is gaining ground. When our energies are dedicated to a high idea we attract subtle energies within our sphere. We can make our dreams come true. The bird represents drawing our thoughts to a higher level, we lose sight of details and can now see the whole.

The pyramids (primitive geometry) in the background could represent the four directions all pointing the same way. They represent stability, synthesis, harmony….the magnificence of human creation that ‘stands the test of time’. But there is still much creative work to do.

The negative side….this energy cannot be hurried. You may need to do this several times before the energy runs smoothly. Are your conscious desires in contradiction with your unconscious desires? This also could be a time of waiting.

tink :love:


A woman pirouettes in a joyful and graceful dance. Her space is marked out with alternating flowers and wands. The astrological basis for the card is Venus in Aries. Venus is the ultimate feminine planet and Aries is the ultimate masculine sign. The alternation of feminine flowers and masculine wands shows a situation where grace and beauty is energized by drive and zeal. There is a feeling of celebration and creative joy in this woman’s dance. You can see it in her movement and also in the golden cloud that seems to follow along behind her. Perhaps it indicates some measure of success or completion in a creative project. I would say it is a good card to get if you are working on anything creative.

A dove, symbol of Venus flies through the air and the woman dancing seems almost to imitate the bird. Their gestures are visually similar. The sand the woman dances on is swirled into the shape of a ram’s horn, symbol of Aries. This would be a very good card to get in a relationship reading as it shows harmonious and joyful interplay between male and female. The woman on the card seems to be identified with Venus (the visual similarity to the dove) and here she in harmony with the masculine element that seems to energize her. The Empress is Venus' card and the Emperor is the card that represents Aries so with this card it is as if you saw the Empress and Emperor cards getting along really well in a reading.

I am not sure what the pyramids mean. Perhaps they indicate that what you are building with the creative energies depicted on the card, whether it is a relationship or a project, has a good chance of lasting for a long time.

As many of the Cosmic small cards do, this one follows the Thoth deck in symbolism. In the Thoth deck doves and rams’ heads alternate in a circle like the flowers and wands do here and the creative joy that they produce is symbolized by flames. The Thoth title is “Completion”.