Cosmic Tarot, III the Empress


A fair woman dressed in yellow fur and with a blue cap adorned with gold stars and a sparkling star for an earing looks to the cards left border. She is wearing blue gems and has the hexagram star on her necklace. A bird with blue feathers is feasting on a red fruit. In the harvest wheat at hte cards lower left is the globe of planet Earth. Tropical cliffs rest in the background.

Everything natural, the Empress here is a majestic keeper of the garden of paradise. The bird represents the natuural needs that all life acts upon, and the globe shows that our knowlege is readily expanding. The Empress has a star (litereally, a shining, twinkling star) for an earing, this is how she can 'hear' the calling of destiny, and of the wild.


The Empress is shown in the midst of wheat, plants and flowers. She is nature and creativity. The wheat shows that she nurtures and feeds us but is that a yew berry in the bird's mouth?

Her ornate jewelry and fur jacket seems to show creativity as well as abundance and material luxury.



The Empress, while filled with plenty of confidence and wisdom, strikes me as being more approachable than the High Priestess. She seems not quite as intimidating, however, appearances can be deceiving. She is also a bit mercurial, and capable of changing from friend to bitter enemy in a flash. Watch your manners when you're around her, or you may end up with the executioner.