Cosmic Tarot-King of Cups


This is a very blue card. blue, gold, and green. thos are the colors present. the tower in teh background has a somewhat middle eastern accent to it, as the spire to the left. even teh crown of this heavilty beared man is almost islamic ind esign. to ocean is present in teh background, a boat floats leisurly.

Teh king is a regal looking man, he looks with half closed eyes to the right, he faces his body to the left. his suidt has 2 peices visible , his undershirt has green and yellow where as his robe (for lack of a better discription) is blue with a design that looks like a series of single lighter flames. behind his rith shoulder to our left is a shield with the glyph of cancer and a staff with a blade rises above the battlement walls.

Emoptinoal balance, depending on what the king is looking twords, he is doing so with scrutinty. he is a sensitive and caring man, he does not take betrayal well at all. the cup of his suit is in the lower right of card, just to the right of the crab on his lapel and to the kings heart. he is aprivate man, he respencs what others think, although he will let you know that his policy is supreme in his domain. and all of these qualities are what teh card represents.