Cosmic Tarot-King of Wands


a very red card. the sky is a warm pink, the king himself has dark hair on his face, his goatee and mustache are blended together. his crown looks pompus at worst, very european at best. the wand vibrates with rosish and passionite energies. teh tree behind teh man is blooming/or the leaves are turning to redish pink. a staff on the other side of hte man is topped with the glyph of aries and a bird perches atop. a yellow banner is caught in teh wind denoting a military attitude and dominance.

the dress of the man is light purple, almost lavener, and teh and lapel of the suit is elaboratly designed with curling lines that are present in this deck. and at the bas eof the mans right shoulder (our right) is a flower,

a red tulip.

Dominance, power, active energies in teh finest form. thsi isa king who knows what he wants and knwos how to get it but any means nessacary. . it also indicates intense passion for both sexes, the sky of the card is indicitive of a hot day, even though this king is dressed in sucha way that he may be unconfortable, but given the insects of the sahara. And even under stress thsi man has authority to spare.


Hes certainly a man who knows just what he wants,and how to get it.He certainly doesnt look like the sort to get hot under the collar,as paradoxx said,under stress,hes got authority to spare.