Cosmic Tarot-Magician


Another card i have avoided analyzing, this time a bearding man/woman (the bearded lady anyone?) overseeds a table with teh four suites laid out. cup, sword, wand, and pentacle. A rose and a lotus are inteh lower left and righ thand corners. The figure has a headband with the infinity symbol, from there a glowing triangle between teh forehead and the two eyes leading to raysof enlightenment flowing out from the eyes. Simple, but cosmic, calm but ready for action.


I see the infinity symbol as a never-ending source of ideas & concepts from a Higher Power; as long as you keep an open mind all things are possible. The Magician can physically manifest those things which he sees in his head, allowing him to change whatever he wants to in his life with Will, confidence (wands), intelligence (swords), faith and good intentions (cups). I say good intentions because the Magician can also develop some evil ideas to manipulate people/situations, which I see in the reversed interpretation as black magic (depending on surrounding cards).

He is all blue, representing knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. The band and infinity symbol is yellow, representing a stimulation in mental activity. It all begins with a thought--then the faith to TRUST that leadership and intuition--which leads to action--and we end up with whatever we desire (mainly, pentacles!)


The Magician builds his world out of the four elements (symbolized by the four tools on the table) but he does it by the power of his mind. A triangle, symbol of creative manifestation, is on his brow. At the tip is an infinity sign that seems to spark and glow. All things originate in his mind.

The bright beams coming from the Magician's eyes show his active forcefulness. His activity in the areas of life symbolized by the four tools has an impact on the world around him.

So the card is saying to look at how you are building your world. It is about being skilled with the sword, the cup, the wand and the pentacle and also about recognizing the creative role that your thoughts play.

The lily and the rose? For me right now they stand for day and night, the sun and the moon, purity and sensuality, loving others and loving yourself. Let your gaze encompass both flowers. There is alot in this deck about balance.


La Force

The Cosmic Tarot - I The Magician

The Magician
Choice, Will or Will power, and Creativity.

You have the control over your own personal destiny. You can create whatever you desire. It is your choice of what you want in life, and through your choices that you make. You have the power and ability to make changes in your life. You can create the world, or reality that you desire., Tune into the song that your heart sings and imagine the reality it will create.

In the Cosmic Tarot book by Jean Huets it quotes.....

The Magician’s face has both masculine and feminine features: mustache and goatee, delicate eyebrows and mouth.
Also Feminine eyes and lips

S/He wears a fillet decorated with the lemniscate, used in mathematics to signify infinity. Through mental powers.

This is a clue from the bible;

Immortality - infinity, soul, you want to live 900yrs you can however you need to master the kundalini by practicing white tantra, or you have the choice (like the Magician represent) that you can practice black and gray tantra and only live for approx 100yrs, death (soul and physically).

our bodies are just a vessel that the soul resides in, it is borrowed, however it has the ability to regenerate it cells etc. so maybe just maybe you can regenerate the body to live 900yrs.

The rays or beams of light that stream from the eyes, are your perceptions of the world that you create. Are you looking through rose colored glasses? is the reality you see real or an illusion?

There is a practice of Deeksha, where gods consciousness and grace is transferred through the eyes of an individual that give blessings. AKA Oneness, there are groups called "Oneness" that practice the use of Deeksha

s/he rules the four elements—the four suit signs of the tarot. The presence of the four suit signs indicates that from formlessness have come the elements of form. The Magician is Form, then, and his sister the High Priestess (Major Arcana II) is Time.

The sword, wand, cup, and pentacle symbolize the four elements of life as understood by the human mind: respectively, air/mental, fire/spiritual, water/emotional, and earth/physical.

On the Magician's table is the Wand, the Cup, the Sword, and the Pentacle each of these represent a process that we need to unite as one in order to make a clear direct of your self,/ direction / path / spiritually.

The 4 suits, represent the Human experiences of everyday life.
Wand; The Self, ego, sexuality, energy
Cups; The Soul, heart, emotions, spirituality, social relationships.
Swords; The mind, intellect, communication
Coins; The body, daily life

The are 4 Spheres. In Kabbalah there are the 4 worlds;
Atziluth; fire, emanations, archetypal
Briah; water, creation, intuitive
Yetzinah; air, form, ideas and intellectual
Assiah; earth, action and physical

Wands is the communicating and using our Philosophical process
Cups is the communicating and using our feelings and compassionate process
Swords is the communicating and articulating our thinking, ideas, and thought process
Pentacles is the communicating and using our practical and practicality process

All these processes happen in the conscious and subconscious mind.

Near the table are;
The roses of passion; The roses denote passionate dedication
The lilies of purity; represent pure, single-minded devotion

These represent the Practice of White Tantra
The roses = controlling the sexual desires.
The Lilies - chasitiy, refraining from sexual release of the orgasm.

The Roman numeral I is identical to the Roman letter I, which signifies the self-aware ego in English. “I” is oneness, and also “only-ness.” The lonely One craves a reflection, which will be identical and yet opposite

Number 1: Oneness, Unity, I, I am, Individuality and Independence.
Meaning: New, First causes, Initiation, Trigger, Spark, Seed, Beginning, Primary impulse, Burst of energy, Raw energy.

The is the raw energy, fire, of the kundalini that is aroused when in love/sexual desires/urges. this triggers the kundalini energy to climb the spinal column through each of the chakras awakening/enlightening oneself to god consciousness. use this power wisely.

The potential of 0 The Fool coalesces into a creative force: God/Goddess, Life, Breath, Love, Inspiration, Mind, the Great One.

These 2 quotes above represent;

The Kundalini, the raw energy you use in White Tantra to reach god consciousness

The Magician manipulates the elements to invent, to create, to cast a spell. s/he manipulates people as well as the elements.

Charismatic, attractive, and persuasive, he knows how to play all the chords, charming us mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

These can be the Grey and Black Tantra, using the Kundalini's raw energy toward never knowing god consciousness, the black hole of pain and suffering, the wrong use of the power the kundalini in the negative force. This can be used to manipulate others as well as your self, to release the energy that is to be used in reaching god consciousness, to keeping the soul trapped in this reality of Malkuth the physical plane of illusion. the always yearning for sexual and material desires, the forever unhappiness, chasing the Jone's. stepping on other peoples heads, never satisfied, always creating unhappiness. Bringing others down with you along the way.

Your sexual desires release in orgasm, and your partner also releases in orgasm. this is the practice of black tantra and gray tantra. wasting of the kundalini's raw energy which represent the soul's death.

This is the path to the abyss of the Kabbalah world of Klippoth

Meanings • Brother or friend. Elementary knowledge. A free spirit. Determination. Skill. Juggling. Initiative. Agitation. Disgrace. Self-reliance. Intelligence. Inventiveness. Self-confidence. Resourcefulness. Deception. Sleight of hand. Clumsiness. Egoism.

La Force