Cosmic Tarot - Prince of Wands


Both the Princess and the Prince in the Cosmic Tarot wear a headdress known as the Trident of Shiva. I wasn’t sure what this represented and did a search. There’s many sites on the trident, this one short but concise describes it well.

He (Shiva) often holds a trident, which represents the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. It is also said to represent the threefold qualities of nature: creation, preservation and destruction…….

Looking at the of the Prince of Wands, he is a charming handsome youth with the sun at his back. In fact all the court cards in this deck are gorgeous! He holds a wand in his left hand and a shield with a portrait of a young Lion to his right. Yellow, brown and gold are the predominant colors with a touch of green. in the scenery.

Most Prince’s and Knights are seen riding a horse but this young Prince seems to be focused on something and given to theory more than action? Yellow is the color of idealists, intellectuals, the imagination, intuition and also the search for self fulfillment. Brown is an earthly color usually worn by very conscientious, dependable and steady individuals. It is not a color that takes one into the spotlight but whoever wears it definitely has their own views and won’t let another’s persuasion change them. . Interestingly brown is not a color of great physical or mental effort. It is more a color of reliability. This is a person who likes to trust and also be trusted.

On the other side, he looks as if he can be highly sensitive to outside influences and if not aware could be manipulated or taken advantage of.

His shirt displays the colors of red and kind of gold flames. Red can mean his life is directed outward… doesn’t have to mean one has a fiery soul, they could in fact have a very quiet one. Or maybe he was all fired up recently and now he’s quiet. Red can also mean a strong sex drive and that his passions seem to border on the physical as well as the spiritual. Gold is a high energy and restless color. I also see him as a generous person, a humanistic person and a romantic.

His appearance in your life could be a message of great connections and cooperations that are coming to you.. Perhaps an opportunity for change and in a totally different direction. It’s almost as if he is suggesting you take this time to reflect on what’s happening in your life ‘before’ you take action or make way for major changes in your life. “For once they start” he says “they will be fast and furious”.

In the negative this Prince could represent delays, opportunities that are up in the air and/or confusion. There could be a breakdown or disharmony with people or situations around him. He may express himself too forcefully, be impulsive and argumentative. Whatever it is, the energy at this moment is unstable and unreliable.

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