Cosmic Tarot - Princess of Wands


This princess is quite possibly the most seductive in the Cosmic Tarot and any tarot deck for that matter. She is young, attractive, sensitive, open, receptive and alluring. The look of love speaks emotionally through her eyes and her body language. She is filled with faith and good intentions and has been gifted with clairvoyance or psychic abilities. She seems very trusting, a child that openly gives spiritual information from a heart that’s pure.
I wonder if she knows the effect she has on others. She looks neither shy nor awkward as her warm and passionate nature continues to flirt and seduce the reader. Her youth and budding personality (blooming virginity) desires to be recognized and we not only pick up on that, we are attracted to it as well.

Peer deeply she says……..pure images from your inner Self will come in silence when the voice of your ego is stilled. At first we may tense up and feel uncomfortable in her presence. But her presence, her sacred beauty speaks and shows what most of us hide behind our masks of time. I think one of her goals, is for us to let go of and listen to new directions, new opportunities that aren’t quite here yet (desert in the background). She alerts to the beginning of new connections through a phone call, a letter, a young or youthful person, our intuition……any form of communication.

Pink is the color of love. Her sweater looks to be salmon peach, a color of Universal Love. Swim and dive into it, she says, let your heart expand and allow yourself to feel it from the tip of your toes to the strands of your hair. Pink quickens and expands our heart to new life. Smile in your own child as you come forth into the Rose at the center of your Being. Rest within the bosom of the Earth and feel her heart beat. Allow her to stimulate your senses, intuition and creative center.

In the background we see a fern.

Fern is a symbol of great sincerity and humility, the fern conceals its delicate charm in the shaded parts of wood and forest. The mythical fern flower blooms like shining gold or fire. In Māori culture, the unfurling tree fern frond, the koru, symbolises fertility, re-birth and growth.

This Princess is very hypnotic and I find, stirs up emotionally charged images into my awareness (is that a sleeping volcano in the background? Something that breeds itself into action, throwing up fertilized material which helps to form new growth). I see this as a finished painting that reveals and penetrates into an artist’s inner life. Without logic or reason, images spontaneously appear into their awareness which slowly fills in one area of the painting after another. Something it could take days, months, even years to accomplish. Daring to let these creative juices spring forth, finally a completed painting appears. Those of us that experience such images are somehow changed by the whole experience.

Reversed, I think this child will do almost anything to get our attention….she may flirt or create a distraction…she’s very theatrical and dramatic, overly sensitive. I’m not sure I’d tell her any secrets….I get the sense she’d tell almost everyone! And, she needs to be careful not to give her love and power to someone who doesn’t give it back….not only would the partnership/relationship disintegrate, her flower and sense of self could wither away.

tink :love: