cosmic tarot, recurring theme


The stick, or branch.

Not just the branch the Hanged man hangs from but the dead branch that the horses of the chariot are ready to pulverize. The branch that the youth in teh two of pentacles discards, or is it already on teh ground? The branch the figure of death stands on, but does not break.

Each of these occurances (abstractly representing the hanged man by the widest of connections) shows the branch ready to no longer be a branch, but even after the death of the branch, another branch is present (death).

Ok, sorry, that didn't make too much sense, but if one of these cards appears with the Hanged Man (say the Chariot appears above the hanged man like this:

.....1 chariot
.....2 hanged man

Then the hanged man is ready to fall, and has prepared himself for the fall through self-enlightment.

But if death stands on that branch, the change may not be so quick.

However, teh youth on the two of pentacles shows that its all self-choice to begin with.

In conclusion: this is a very adaptable deck that has symbolism capable of trancending the reading to a deeper meaning.