Cosmic Tarot - Ten of Cups


This is a very complex card and loaded with a lot of symbolism. My apologies for its length........sort of thinking aloug.

The image seen in this card is a sensuous looking woman, vulnerable and open to the rhythms of the world around her. Part of her face is concealed and her head is covered with an indigo colored shawl or cape. With three birds flying overhead this combination could represent divinely inspired thought, higher knowledge, access to inner truths through devotion. The dominant colors are blue, green and yellow which seem in sync and flowing into each other. The whole scene depicts a natural flow of beauty, grace and creative energy. Ten cups (emtoins) surround her, the most highest to her right.

The tree on the left side looks similar to a willow….

The weeping willow tree is not only unique in it's appearance, but it is unique in it's meaning as well. The weeping willow is probably the most symbolic of all trees in the world. The willow is usually looked upon with a vision of sadness and grief, but sitting under the willow can be seen as protection and comfort. The weeping willow is seen as peaceful and serene by some. Some people even say if you listen closely enough you can hear the willow whisper in the wind. The willow has a sense of grace and beauty about it. This tree is nature's own ballerina. As the wind blows through the leaves it dances and twirls with the most delicate of motions. This tree has a sense of courage to it. It allows the whole world to see it's inner most feelings. The weeping willow is symbolic in so many ways. Because of this, it can find it's place in anyone's heart to mean something special to them.

The astrological symbol for the Ten of Cups is Mars in Pisces. Mars is the fighting principle for the Sun and all the inner planets… stands for our own individuality and spirit. When mixed with Pisces, Mars can bring initiative and energy to the artistic and spiritual dreams of Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces. It can also represent self (Mars) sacrifice (Neptune). Surrendering our will to the will of the Divine brings harmony and balance to our lives. Sometimes these energies have a tendency to clash rather than cooperate together. A person may believe it’s wrong to think of themselves, which can undermine their sense of personal or assertive identity and also their personal needs. Or, they may think of themselves as saintly and on the scale of grandiosity.

On the spiritual level this could be someone who searches the shadow side of themselves in order to integrate their inner world with the conscious self.

A person with this card would probably tell you they feel with such deep emotions, that at times it can be exhausting. They cry at movies, even on dates and on tragedies and miracles happening around the world. Sometimes they can have precognitive dreams and visions as well as see spirit guides. For someone with little self awareness, these visions and dreams can seem frightening and disturbing.

When balanced these two energies can create a healthy balance between assertiveness and, the ability to stand up for oneself when necessary……as well as compassion and consideration for another person’s needs.

When unbalanced, their Mars can be repressed, which can lead to depression, headaches, sexual dysfunction, unrealistic imaginings and one who can escape (withdraw) the real world to live in a fantasy world.
People with this card would just love it if life was perfect They want life to be perfect for themselves and others. They prefer to live in quiet environments and beautiful surroundings. They would like to have peaceful non-demanding relationships.

The strength of this card could see someone doing volunteer work, social work or some activity where they are devoted to improving the quality of life for others. This energy could also be channeled into creative pursuits or on the downside a daydreamer. Others could this card as a passive or lazy person…..but only this woman knows what’s going on inside.

What is important to know is that one’s unconscious values and attitudes are the driving force behind their life…..they need to sort out whether their beliefs make sense and serve them well or change them if they don’t. The mountain in the background could represent a firm foundation that has been built by the ability to define and understand our own psychic and emotional boundaries. If not, we can be too open to others and become emotional sponges to the energies around us. This has hapened to me when I’m in a shopping mall loaded with people. If I am unbalanced, I become totally confused and sometimes can’t remember the reason I'm there.

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Madame Squee

In the course of studying the Cosmic Tarot, I am searching Norbert Losche's artwork to find out whether or not he included references to astrological relationships in all of the cards. I think he did, and I am looking for Mars in Pisces in the Ten of Cups.

I've always been fascinated by the body and pose of the woman in this picture. She is beautiful and peaceful, but her back looks almost deformed. I never believed this rendering was a mistake or poorly drawn. There must be a reason for it to appear that way...

I gazed at this card and scanned it for something that resembles Mars in some way. Nothing. I finally decided that there might be more ways to depict Mars than I know about (do you think?!). So, I googled it. Aha! There is an astrological symbol called a planetary seal, which is a diagram. It is a western occult device, and one was made for each of the classical planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).

As soon as I saw them,* I realized that the woman's body represents the planetary seal for Mars! She is Mars in the Ten of Cups! This discovery even explained the unusual profile of her back to me.

Finding Pisces was more difficult.

I finally decided that the two fish of Pisces are visible in the dark and light halves of the woman's face. The more I look at it, the better I like this idea.

I believe Mr. Losche's depiction of Mars in Pisces is an indication that this astrological relationship is serene and complementary. Both symbols are present, blended in one body -- a woman, shown at rest, apparently content, which satisfies my understanding of the Ten of Cups.

*I found the planetary seal image here:


The painting that Lösche based his figure on is a 1884 painting by Adolphe Bouguereau, "Sitting Nude" or "Sitting Bather", which is itself a variation of the Crouching Venus type in ancient Greek and Hellenist sculpture.

I find it interesting that the artist used so many contemporary images (IMO in a very successful way - Hollywood gods and goddesses are modern archetypes) but far as I could discover only one classical painting. The connection of bather and Venus to the suit of cups is obvious. And as Venus is Mars' companion and lover, there is a connection to Mars, too.